31 July 2014

The Meat Cutters

I very much like this set for a variety of reasons. First, Landon Conrad. He's almost always hot looking in anything he does. I like his beard here, too, as it's a little fuller than usual. Clean-shaven Landon is very fine, but I prefer bearded better.

I also have a thing for well built men in snug black T-shirts. A good looking man with big arms usually looks better in black that clings to his torso.

And I always appreciate photo sets with huge images and subdued watermarks. I refuse to use pictures here on this blog with big-ass billboard like watermarks taking up a third to a half of the picture.

As mentioned, these are massive photos, which are archived here for free to inspect and save. These lads are supposed to be meat cutters, by the way. The only real meat I see are tubesteaks, but that's perfectly fine.

30 July 2014

Big Brawny Bruiser

After posting the Austin and Joe set yesterday, I was hoping one of you golden retriever lads would find a video link and let me know. You did not disappoint -- within an hour of the post going live, I received a helpful email alerting me that the video was already online.

I think it's totally hot the way Austin lays his full weight on little Joe when he's fucking him. That's a fantastic sensation for both lads -- I speak from experience.

If you'd rather watch on the source site or download your own free copy, you'll want to click here.

29 July 2014

Little Joe

I love when porn producers pair a big strapping bloke with a little lad. Perhaps that's because my boyfriend is a lot larger than I am, and so I know the sensation of a big beast crawling all over me.

Here big Austin lovingly mauls little Joe who happily submits. And, yes, I'm already searching the video sites to see if I can find this one.

The photos are much larger than they appear below, so click here for a free folder featuring fourteen in their original size.

27 July 2014

Paddy Gangbanged

It seems like just yesterday that Patrick wouldn't do anything except solo jerkoff scenes. Now he's bottoming in a gangbang.

He's much more into getting fucked here than in his earliest bottoming scene. He's still not sucking cock, though. I guess we'll have to wait another year or so for that.

Whoever posted this clip may have done so without clearance, so this might not stay up long. To view on the source page or to download your own free copy, be sure to click here.

26 July 2014

Stairway to Heaven

My boyfriend and I live in a California ranch, so we cannot practice staircase sex. There's a narrow pull-down set of folding steps to the attic space, but that would probably rip out of the rafters if both of us tried to fuck on it.

If you'd rather watch on the source site or to download your own copy, please click here.

25 July 2014

Badly Dressed

If you have it, you should flaunt it. If you work out religiously and have a ripped, muscular physique, you shouldn't hide it under baggy clothes that are better suited for an old man or four-year-old child.

The bloke below is a perfect example of someone who has it but does not flaunt it. That's a crying shame. As you can see from his naked pictures, he has a great body and keeps in shape. But what does he wear? A baggy old jumper better suited for a grandfather and long shorts hiding his magnificent thighs. This is just wrong in so many ways.

The lad shown here has posted dozens of his own photos online. Using image search, I learned he's a straight submissive and very into femdom. That means he likes to be dominated by women. If he's into pegging -- where a woman using a strap-on to do him in the ass -- then he'd have to be receptive to have a man fuck him, too.

What's needed is a dominant woman who can convince him the best way he can subjugate himself to her is to follow her every orders, which will include my boyfriend and I doing him in a spitroast.

All but two of these photos are larger than they appear below; click here for the free folder with all of them to see and save.

You can find another animated gif of him here; it's turned sideways so I didn't feature it on the front page.

24 July 2014

Thick and Uncut

This lad goes by Dario Beck in porn, and he's from Barcelona. I've only seen him bottom in a few scenes. With a cock like that, he should be used in versatile stuff more often. The Gay Erotic Video Index shows him only topping twice.

These photos are very large, so click here to see and save the set of nine in their original size.

23 July 2014

The Day He Turned Eighteen

Diego stayed home from school on his birthday. The strapping gardener took a break from his work and headed inside to give the lad a special present. It was a very memorable day for both.

If you'd rather watch on the source site or to download your own copy, be sure to click here.

22 July 2014

He Forgot Something

Damon was so excited about wearing his new tie to work that he completely forgot to put on his pants. And his shirt. And everything else.

A perverted thought just popped into my head: wouldn't it be hot to see Damon here topping Matt Damon when the latter had his really ripped Jason Bourne physique? They'd have to wrestle naked first, and the winner would top the other.

I think Damon would ultimately pin Matt, but the two lads would probably go at it for quite a long while until the movie star tired. They'd be coated in sweat and rock-hard from the close physical contact. Once defeated, Matt would roll over and submit like a man whilst Damon gently took his cherry. (Unless, of course, Ben had already taken Matt's first.)

As is almost always the case on this blog, the photos are actually larger than they appear below. Click here to see and save the full set of nine in their original size.

21 July 2014

Nurse Joey

By flopping the first image so it's right-reading, we can learn somethings about this tempting lad. His first name is Joey and he's a registered nurse. He's in the orthopedics department at a Texas Tech University's hospital.

When you have distinctive tattoos like this lad, anonymous naked selfies are easy to corroborate by simply matching them to clothed shots where a face is visible. Doctor, I think I need some of Joey's physical therapy.

I'm wondering if these were sent to a previous romantic conquest, and when he or she broke up with Joey, the pictures ended up on the internet. It's a nasty thing to do, but if you don't know Joey, you feel pretty much guiltless looking at them.

I've never met a male nurse who wasn't nice looking, well put together, friendly, and outgoing. Joey easily fits into that archetype. And that cum-catcher ginger beard is a very nice look for him, too.

As usual, the photos are larger than they appear below, so the originals are archived here for your personal use.

20 July 2014

Shore Leave

Now we know why sailors are so popular when the fleet steams into town. One glance, no words spoken, and boom -- sucking and fucking.

If only reality was like porn. To watch on the source site or to download your own free copy, you'll need to click here.

19 July 2014

Big Cameron Redux

I'm always appreciative when readers find links to hot videos and pictures that could be used on the blog. Once again one of our regular golden retrievers has found yet another Cameron flick on the video sites.

I've come to the conclusion that Cameron likes buttfucking much more than he likes to be sucked, because he spends most of his time in these vids banging the other lad's ass, as he's done in other scenes. The big lad has such a good time that I'm finding it harder and harder to believe that he's gay-for-pay.

If you'd rather watch on the Xvideos site, be sure to click here.

18 July 2014

Whole Foods Hottie

This lad has everything that attracts me -- a nice smile, a sweet face, big oaken arms, a body built for sin, tight tiny shorts, and healthy eating habits. I sent this picture to my boyfriend on the road and he wrote back "let's adopt him."

Mr. Granola, we're waiting for your call.

Click here to see a larger version of this picture.

17 July 2014

In the Kitchen

Most if not all of these pictures appear to be amateur shots, based on the image quality. I can understand perfectly why they're naked in the kitchen. I'm often nearly starkers around the house on hot days, so sometimes I end up in the kitchen.

I can also understand why some of them are hard. They're lost in hot fantasies whilst doing their household chores. I've been known to be naked and hard around the house, too. I'm sure some of you have been this way, too.

I will say, however, that opening a refrigerator will kill a boner because of the cold. Perhaps the one lad was grabbing a snack or a drink after some hot sexual romp. We've probably all experienced that, too.

These shots are larger than they appear below, so click here for a free folder where they're stored so you may see and save.

16 July 2014

LeBoeuf Theatre

After posting yesterday's entry, I hunted around on the video sites to see if they had anything with Ty LeBeouf and found two. Although he was a versatile performer, both of these scenes have him bottoming.

I may have posted the first here long ago, but it's a hot one and warrants a second look. The big strapping performer with Ty is Bo Dixon. The second vid features Ty with the Italian stallion Francesco D'Macho.

If you'd like to watch on the source site or to download free copies, you'll want to go here and here.

15 July 2014

Beefy Ty

You may recognize this lad, who appeared in porn for a few years as Ty LeBeouf before seemingly disappearing off the smut radar. I wonder what happened to him? I always want to know the end to stories like this.

Did he fall in love, and his boyfriend asked him to leave porn? Is he actually straight and now he's married with kids? Did he turn religious and is now Reverend Ty counseling troubled souls? Anyone know?

These pictures are extra large, so to see and save the entire set of fourteen, please click here.