21 July 2014

Nurse Joey

By flopping the first image so it's right-reading, we can learn somethings about this tempting lad. His first name is Joey and he's a registered nurse. He's in the orthopedics department at a Texas Tech University's hospital.

When you have distinctive tattoos like this lad, anonymous naked selfies are easy to corroborate by simply matching them to clothed shots where a face is visible. Doctor, I think I need some of Joey's physical therapy.

I'm wondering if these were sent to a previous romantic conquest, and when he or she broke up with Joey, the pictures ended up on the internet. It's a nasty thing to do, but if you don't know Joey, you feel pretty much guiltless looking at them.

I've never met a male nurse who wasn't nice looking, well put together, friendly, and outgoing. Joey easily fits into that archetype. And that cum-catcher ginger beard is a very nice look for him, too.

As usual, the photos are larger than they appear below, so the originals are archived here for your personal use.

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