16 July 2014

LeBoeuf Theatre

After posting yesterday's entry, I hunted around on the video sites to see if they had anything with Ty LeBeouf and found two. Although he was a versatile performer, both of these scenes have him bottoming.

I may have posted the first here long ago, but it's a hot one and warrants a second look. The big strapping performer with Ty is Bo Dixon. The second vid features Ty with the Italian stallion Francesco D'Macho.

If you'd like to watch on the source site or to download free copies, you'll want to go here and here.


  1. I really like watching versatile muscular guys like Ty... no stereotypes just honest man lust!!

  2. The first video is fantastic! The size differential is what makes it so hot. When Dixon lifted LeBouef off his knees directly into a bearhug I almost creamed myself!
    If you can find anymore big/little combos please post them.


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