22 July 2014

He Forgot Something

Damon was so excited about wearing his new tie to work that he completely forgot to put on his pants. And his shirt. And everything else.

A perverted thought just popped into my head: wouldn't it be hot to see Damon here topping Matt Damon when the latter had his really ripped Jason Bourne physique? They'd have to wrestle naked first, and the winner would top the other.

I think Damon would ultimately pin Matt, but the two lads would probably go at it for quite a long while until the movie star tired. They'd be coated in sweat and rock-hard from the close physical contact. Once defeated, Matt would roll over and submit like a man whilst Damon gently took his cherry. (Unless, of course, Ben had already taken Matt's first.)

As is almost always the case on this blog, the photos are actually larger than they appear below. Click here to see and save the full set of nine in their original size.

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