31 October 2010


Brandon, the bloke below, is a "legit" model I've featured in this blog twice. He's done some important professional shoots. To the best of my knowledge, he's never done full-on nudity or any kind of porn.

I've noticed (who couldn't?) a trend amongst mainstream models who do these "nearly nude" shots. They yank down their shorts, exposing their pubes and a tiny glimpse of their cock root. But they're not full-monty nudes.

So what's the point? It's like saying "I have a penis; I don't have a penis." We know you have a dong. You're even showing part of it. Why not bare all? Are you worried you'll shock your granny if you let us see the whole organ, but this coy shit is somehow "decent"? That it's porn if we see your glans but this is upright and okay with about 2 percent of your body covered?

Brandon, just show us. Show. Us. Haul down those knickers and let us all see what you're barely covering.

30 October 2010

Meanwhile, Back at the Dungeon

I've posted this video clip for two reasons. First is because of the fantastic blob of precum that flies out of the one bloke's cock at about 1:50-1:55 in the video.

The second reason is to see whether you lads prefer this MegaVideo host over the Xvideos site, an example of which you can see in a post here. I'll post a poll to the right which I'll leave up until the end of November so everyone can take their time providing input, if you're so inclined.

You can watch on the mini-screen below or click here to see the same clip in a larger version. To run the video, click the red play button in the center of the image. After a few seconds, that turns green. When it does, click again to start.

29 October 2010

Boys at the Beach

In most of the U.S., beach season is over. One great advantage to living in California is that, even in the winter, on a warm day you can hit the beach for some eye candy. This image is large, so be sure to see and enjoy full sized.

28 October 2010


I had the opportunity to meet Gavin Newsom recently, the current major of San Francisco and the likely next Lieutenant Governor of California. He's both hot and brilliant with tremendous charisma.

I think he's a little too progressive for national office, at least yet, but perhaps he'll segue at some point into the governor's chair. The Golden State has become close to ungovernable, yet he might just be the person who could rise to the challenge.

27 October 2010

Muscle FlipFlop

Xvideos has struggled back to its cyberfeet. To celebrate, two testosterone-crazed and versatile bullstuds rutt each other's holes with happy abandon. Which of the two men would you rather be?

In the next few days I'll put up a poll to see which video host you lads prefer, Xvideos or MegaVideo. The first one is easier to embed and operate, but the latter offers better quality. Sometimes I can't find the video anyplace except on Xvideos, while others are only on MegaVideo, so I would probably continue to use both.

26 October 2010

Beercan Billy

This is Billy Glide, a straight pornstar known for his sizable cock. If you've watched any het porn, chances are you've seen him stuff his monster into helpless female holes. He's been doing porn for over fifteen years and has logged more than a thousand titles.

He did a few still solo shoots for various male porn rags in the later 1990s but nothing since. He's not known to be homophobic so who knows why he didn't do more. A video featuring nothing but Billy beating his big meat would surely be popular. He has a cock made for gay porn.

I see him occasionally around my part of town although I've heard he lives in the Valley. I had a fascinating conversation with him in the supermarket once about crackers. Standing at 6'2" and with a sleepy, sultry voice, the bloke has a tremendous sexual aura about him. He was wearing baggy shorts, however, so I saw no telltale signs of the famous beercan.

I always want to know what it would take for a straight porn stud to go gay for pay. I wonder if I had said to him, "Billy, I'll give you $5,000 to come to my house for an hour so my boyfriend and I can blow you," what would he say?

25 October 2010

Pleasing the Boss

In today's highly competitive employment environment, it never hurts to show the boss how much you appreciate your job. Don't be afraid to go that extra inch to make sure he's happy with your services. With this stressful economic climate, you may find at times he's a bit demanding, but the attentive employee can find pleasure in pleasing the boss.

Showing your employer that you have special skills is one valuable way to stay in his good graces. Don't be afraid to put in some extra time after hours to demonstrate your unique and valuable talents. Soon you'll find your employer relying on you for all those special business needs.

24 October 2010


This is Marc from the UK, who submitted his own pictures the other day over at the fantastic blog Ray's Cowboy. Now who was it here who said Brits were not hot?

23 October 2010

Horny Cowboy

Xvideos apparently had major server problems but is on the road to recovery. In the meantime, here is another clip found at Megavideo.

I like how this cowboy really gets into his 'bate. The precum milking and tasting at around 10:45 is particularly memorable as is the precum harvest and recycling as anal lube about a minute later. The cumshot all over his chest, face, and beard offers a fantastic finish.

You may watch on the mini-screen below or click here to see the same clip in a much larger version. To make the video run, click the big red play button. After a few seconds, that will turn green. When it does, click again.

22 October 2010


These are stills from a 1984 porn flick starring Jon King and Daniel Holt. Sadly both now are dead. Jon has the bowl cut and the furrier chest, while Daniel has the curlier hair.

I saw this movie sometime in the later 1980s, but these scans are from a magazine, which is more memorable to me.

I spent all of 1984 in the forgettable burbs of a midwestern American city. It would be my last full year there. I turned seventeen in 1984 and was a bundle of confused teenage testosterone. At that point, I had some sexual experience but nothing particularly memorable. Like many lads of that age and era, I felt ashamed about my homosexual feelings, but not enough so that I didn't actively pursue any and all opportunities.

This magazine is memorable for me because I saw a copy in the company of an older male. He was known by others as "straight" but I knew differently, based on first-hand experience. He was certainly "straight-acting," which was surely part of the lure for me.

We had exchanged blowjobs on several occasions up to the day in question, but he wanted to go further -- he wanted me to fuck him in the ass. I knew men did such things, and the idea both fascinated and terrified me. He had a copy of this magazine with him and used it as a sort of "sales brochure" for what he wanted. At the time, I can remember my pulse racing harder than it ever had. Now, the memory makes me chuckle.

Needless to say, I said "no." I wasn't yet ready to go that far. Part of the problem might have been that I didn't have a mental image of him getting fucked but instead in the top role. (We used the terms "pitcher" and "catcher" then.) He was messing with my fantasy.

He was a gentleman about it and did not pursue the idea again. Now, more than twenty-five years later, I wonder if he had ever been fucked in the ass up to that point. Maybe he was asking me to take his cherry. He always was the more experienced, wiser man around me, so perhaps he didn't want to admit that he, too, was crossing new frontiers. I can't imagine he found too many males in the quiet Midwest who would indulge his needs.

I wish I could remember his name so I could Google him. I remember a good deal about him -- his face, his voice, his body, his cock -- as well as some of our conversations. I remember seeing him around town when he would just sort of nod at me but offer no further recognition. He would be in his fifties now. I wonder if he's still living in the closet in a small Midwest town or did he ultimately embrace who he was?

As is typical here, the images are much larger than on this front page, so click each one to see the full-size version. You can also download a zipped file with thirty scans from the porn mag here.

21 October 2010

Prince Albert

I have never slept with a man who had a Prince Albert. I've seen them on rare occasion in the gym locker room, but that's as close as I've been.

I find them scary fascinating. I could imagine all sorts of things that might go wrong with them (as a child, I saw a horrible accident with a woman's pierced ear).

At the same time, I want to play with a fat cock that has one. My boyfriend has zero interest in getting pierced, however, so I'll have to leave this all to my imagination. As for me getting one, I don't think I have the courage. Maybe that's part of the attraction then -- tough guys are pierced.

20 October 2010

Live Sex Show

Top pornstars having sex before an audience at this year's Hustlaball. You can see many more photos here.

I've never been to Hustlaball, and seeing this makes me want to visit. I wouldn't go without my boyfriend, however, and given his current employer, that's not possible.

I have learned in my middle years that I am both a voyeur and an exhibitionist. I love the idea of having sex in front of an audience, as well as watching others have sex. In my middle age, I'm becoming much more libidinous. I guess it's good I wasn't this way in my twenties, because I'd probably be dead now. Thankfully I have a lover who both indulges me and makes sure I don't get into trouble.

19 October 2010

There Is Only One Legend

I've featured Matt Davis a.k.a. Von Legend more times in this blog than any other man. I guess that sums up how I feel about this 6'5" towering god. I don't recall seeing this particular shot before, which I was delighted to find on the always entertaining Daventry Blue.

18 October 2010

Deep in the Canyon

Apologies to everyone for the fact that Xvideos crashed on Saturday, which means any clip hosted there and posted on a blog like mine will not work. Hopefully they will be fully back online very soon.

In the meantime, I found a hot video on another hosting site. You can watch on the little mini-screen below, or you can click here to see the same clip in a much larger version.

In order to make the video play, once the word "loading" disappears, click the big red play button. After a few seconds, that will turn green. Once that happens, click it again. After a few seconds of black screen, the movie begins playing. Xvideos works easier, but you'll find the quality on Megavideo to be much superior.

This is a very artistic and erotic flick. I think it was shot in Glen Canyon in Southern Utah.

17 October 2010

Straight Boys + Beer = ?

Beer is a wonderful tool to knock down walls for certain straight lads. They lose their homophobic inhibitions and come much closer to male intimacy than they would whilst sober.

Later, they can laugh off any photos that might seem "too gay" with a simple exculpatory like "dude, we were so wasted!" Only in the darkest, most private warrens of their subconscious will some of them admit, "that time I fell asleep curled in Justin's arms on the boat was so nice, so safe, so right."

16 October 2010

Ranch Hands Delight

This video is a bit slow getting started, but once things get underway, a good time is had by all.

15 October 2010


I tend not to favor young pups, but there's something about this bloke that makes me want to corrupt him. Alas, I don't think I'd be the one to bust his cherry, because if you look closely, it doesn't look particularly tight. I've seen a few videos of him where he always tops, which makes me wonder if some producer plans to make a big deal about him allegedly losing a virginity that was in fact lost quite some time ago.

14 October 2010

Moving Violation

A classic from the annuls of gay erotic cinema.

13 October 2010

Run Laddie

In light of the popularity of the kilt posts here recently, I thought you might enjoy this. I was a competitive long distance runner, not a sprinter, so keeping your junk squared away whilst on the track was never really an issue.

12 October 2010

Dino Bottoms

Dino almost always topped but occasionally he would bottom. I wonder what his preference is in real life? Sometimes bottoms are cast as tops (and vice-versa) because of audience expectations.

11 October 2010

Czech Mate

He's done some porn under a variety of names, sometimes Peter, sometimes Jan. He's likely Czech, given that most of his work has come out of that country.

I like his look because he's not model perfect -- more like a regular bloke who keeps himself in great shape. And, of course, he's hot to fuck because all those endorphins raging through his body make him incredibly horny. The fat uncut dick and the natural fur complete the excellent package.