28 October 2010


I had the opportunity to meet Gavin Newsom recently, the current major of San Francisco and the likely next Lieutenant Governor of California. He's both hot and brilliant with tremendous charisma.

I think he's a little too progressive for national office, at least yet, but perhaps he'll segue at some point into the governor's chair. The Golden State has become close to ungovernable, yet he might just be the person who could rise to the challenge.


  1. He is hot and knows his stuff and I like the liberal in him though I agree with your comments about that. He will mature as a politician I am sure and would like to see him as Governor someday. I look at him and I listen to hm and I see hope.

    - PAX

  2. Good looks and brains. A nice combination!

  3. Anonymous03:50

    ..dunno him at all. Hope he can make a difference; at least legalise same sex marriage in the States, if he becomes a Governor/ President one day....

  4. anon@3:50

    In the US, a president or governor generally does not have that kind of power. That's a legislative function.

  5. a beautiful handsome Man


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