23 October 2010

Horny Cowboy

Xvideos apparently had major server problems but is on the road to recovery. In the meantime, here is another clip found at Megavideo.

I like how this cowboy really gets into his 'bate. The precum milking and tasting at around 10:45 is particularly memorable as is the precum harvest and recycling as anal lube about a minute later. The cumshot all over his chest, face, and beard offers a fantastic finish.

You may watch on the mini-screen below or click here to see the same clip in a much larger version. To make the video run, click the big red play button. After a few seconds, that will turn green. When it does, click again.


  1. Anonymous06:34

    H-O-T and this guy so fucking gets it! What a complete and totally physical session! This guy wins hands down.

    Now if you will excuse me - I am going up to the barn for a bit.

    - Pax

  2. Anonymous07:14

    This cowboy isn't exactly a "god amongst men" but he is still very hot. I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers. I especially liked how he shot himself in the face. Lately, mine just oozes into my belly button. What's the secret for a great projectile release?

  3. Anonymous08:17

    more videos (megavideo) please :)


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