27 October 2010

Muscle FlipFlop

Xvideos has struggled back to its cyberfeet. To celebrate, two testosterone-crazed and versatile bullstuds rutt each other's holes with happy abandon. Which of the two men would you rather be?

In the next few days I'll put up a poll to see which video host you lads prefer, Xvideos or MegaVideo. The first one is easier to embed and operate, but the latter offers better quality. Sometimes I can't find the video anyplace except on Xvideos, while others are only on MegaVideo, so I would probably continue to use both.


  1. Anonymous13:40

    THANX !!! Absolutely GREAT !! 2 of the most
    stunning guys in porn in an excellent vid ....
    I AM drooling , slobbering & leaking !

  2. Yeah! If I can only have 1 I will choose the guy with ink! Fuck-ing hot!

    - PAX

  3. HOT video here. wished I was playing with these Men.

  4. Truly gods amongst men. I'd rather take it from the tattooed guy, but I'd hardly say "no" to either one of them!

  5. Anonymous16:24

    Oh man,I just can't tell you HOW thrilled I am,
    this fucking is heavenly ...


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