12 October 2010

Dino Bottoms

Dino almost always topped but occasionally he would bottom. I wonder what his preference is in real life? Sometimes bottoms are cast as tops (and vice-versa) because of audience expectations.


  1. Pretty good scene, but the set would certainly qualify for a top spot on Nightcharm.com's "Lurid Digs" site.

  2. Anonymous16:02

    I don't know art, but I know what I like. I liked it. It was hot. But what the hell was all that imagery stuff? Did you notice, it was sex-thirty when they started and sex-thirty when they finished? Talk about taking time for a "quickie".

  3. Anonymous01:50

    Dino DiMarco is my all time favorite porn star - not only do I think he's incredibly hot, I really want to be him. I'm praying that when I die I can be reincarnated in his body. The only problem with that would be I'd be so busy masterbating while looking at my wonderful body, I'd never have time to have sex with anyone else!

  4. Anonymous19:51

    He is so handsome. Totally a looker and I liked when he got older, his body got thicker, his cock got fatter...Mercy!


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