08 October 2010


Alex Marte is an Italian model who has begun dabbling in porn recently. He has both topped and bottomed in the very memorable scenes in which he's appeared. Hopefully he'll continue to work regularly.


  1. I would not mind helping him out of his suit so it will not getting cum stains on it.


  2. Anonymous09:31

    Cum stains are a great accessory for any well dressed man on the go.


  3. Anonymous10:47

    haha Cowboy ! there is a big risk for
    such accidents , indeed ... this man is
    absolutely a really great hot hunk !

  4. Anonymous12:32

    OK thats enough I REALLY need to fuck this guy hard and fast! I also need to spread his butt cheeks wide apart and look up his hairy hole before I explode. More pictures of this cool guy please!

  5. David16:33

    He is fucking hot! Drill, baby, drill. Top or bottom, I don't care as long as it's with Alex

  6. Anonymous07:29

    No. It is really all about shooting all over his fucking clothes. AND THOSE TITS! C'mon Alex, man, do me.


  7. Anonymous05:40

    I'd love to suck and eat out this hot, hot guy then watch another man put a big dick into his tight, hairy ass! After the hot drilling--he'd receive my tongue again in his anal cavity as well as my hot tongue deeply into his mouth!

    He is one friggin' hot hombre!

  8. Anonymous07:39

    Fist him to the elbow - and then let a dozen men gang rape this piece of meat

  9. Anonymous06:17

    I don't even know how to respond to such a deplorable comment as the one at 07:39, in jest or even moreso if you weren't kidding it isn't funny the word rape suggests sexual violence against someones will. That's what Mr Marte here deserves ? You're sicko - Oh wait i guess i did know how to respond !


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