13 October 2010

Run Laddie

In light of the popularity of the kilt posts here recently, I thought you might enjoy this. I was a competitive long distance runner, not a sprinter, so keeping your junk squared away whilst on the track was never really an issue.


  1. Anonymous06:11

    love it ...a good sense of humour....

  2. This is very cute. I have to say I loved it. Thanks for making me smile today.

  3. Does Scottish tradition require men in kilts to leave their underwear in the drawer? As a guy with Scottish roots, I gotta' say that I'm not wearing a kilt without my skivvies.

  4. Oh come on, you never wear your skivvies under a kilt and let me tell you, it will be one of the most studly experiences you will have wearing it that way. This reminds me of when I was at a wedding in Scotland and I was standing to the one side moving to the music. Now a proper kilt has about 20 yards of fabric and has a great sway to it. The lady sitting behind me came up to me and said "thank ye laddie fer the show. yer kilt is exposing yer ass just lovely now" I was just a wee bit embarrassed to say the least!

  5. Funny! WTF... Isn't this guy wear underwear? No words to express it!

    :lol: (ROFL) :D :P

  6. Anonymous18:47

    Nice bag pipe!



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