18 October 2010

Deep in the Canyon

Apologies to everyone for the fact that Xvideos crashed on Saturday, which means any clip hosted there and posted on a blog like mine will not work. Hopefully they will be fully back online very soon.

In the meantime, I found a hot video on another hosting site. You can watch on the little mini-screen below, or you can click here to see the same clip in a much larger version.

In order to make the video play, once the word "loading" disappears, click the big red play button. After a few seconds, that will turn green. Once that happens, click it again. After a few seconds of black screen, the movie begins playing. Xvideos works easier, but you'll find the quality on Megavideo to be much superior.

This is a very artistic and erotic flick. I think it was shot in Glen Canyon in Southern Utah.


  1. Anonymous06:10

    Damned hot video my man. Thank you Will.


  2. Anonymous10:06

    That was beautiful!

  3. Anonymous13:18

    it's so beautiful and so hot !! and I miss
    Dred Scott more than any other of the men ...

  4. Anonymous19:17

    It’s erotic, beautiful and artistic. Most importantly, this flim does not make the pron stars CHEAP.

    Sometimes, I wonder why most of the gay prons make gays CHEAP!!!???

  5. Anonymous19:27

    You don't owe us an apology. And if you did, that video more than made up for it. Thank you.


  6. Anonymous21:33

    That video is hot! Had me hard the whole time!
    I love seeing videos with real men in it.

    The hairy guys drives me wild!

    I love seeing two men being intimate with each other and kissing like they do - hot hot hot!!

    Thanks for this video... video's like this with a story rather than straight to it porn are great!!

  7. ray dragon, one of my all time favourites....those two men really know what sex is....gorgeous setting, too

    thx man

  8. One of my faves. So hot and just beautiful.


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