31 October 2010


Brandon, the bloke below, is a "legit" model I've featured in this blog twice. He's done some important professional shoots. To the best of my knowledge, he's never done full-on nudity or any kind of porn.

I've noticed (who couldn't?) a trend amongst mainstream models who do these "nearly nude" shots. They yank down their shorts, exposing their pubes and a tiny glimpse of their cock root. But they're not full-monty nudes.

So what's the point? It's like saying "I have a penis; I don't have a penis." We know you have a dong. You're even showing part of it. Why not bare all? Are you worried you'll shock your granny if you let us see the whole organ, but this coy shit is somehow "decent"? That it's porn if we see your glans but this is upright and okay with about 2 percent of your body covered?

Brandon, just show us. Show. Us. Haul down those knickers and let us all see what you're barely covering.


  1. It could be the photographer's choice. And some find that leaving something to the imagination is hotter than having the goods on display. I'm just curious to know if he's selling underwear here or footballs.

  2. Anonymous07:21

    Very simply, sex sells.

    I thank the powers that be for such fucking hot pics.

    I am sold.


  3. Anonymous09:11

    Could be any of the stated reasons or theories. However the possibility is also that no matter how much effort goes into tightening those abs, enlarging those biceps and maximizing those thighs, there's simply not a damn thing you can do (when all that's been accomplished), to make a tiny dick appear....more than what it is. - Montana Cowboy

  4. Anonymous14:43

    Whatever he is selling, put me down for a dozen.


  5. Anonymous17:02

    Damn, he is one fabulous hunk! I'd like to "fire up" his hard nips and then proceed in enjoying myself immensely with him!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous17:05

    He is such a friggin' hot tease! With that fabulously-hot body-- he knows just how to get one's adrenalin and other things flowing!!

  7. Very HOT Man here.


  8. Anonymous00:06

    just about everything already said, it´s the "tease factor" that gets you really hooked...and as to the supposedly small dick, I wouldn´t care a bit as long as one is there with this hunk

  9. I agree with behrmark.

  10. he looks like a cartoon character.

  11. One exception is the gorgeous Joseph Sayers, certainly one of the most popular models today. There are lots of pictures on the web with him showing his full glory. He's beautiful top to bottom.


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