31 March 2011

Male Sexual Perversions

These are stills from a magazine called Male Sexual Perversions, likely published in the 1970s. It's divided into various sections with titles like "analism," "fellatio," "masturbation" and more, all illustrated by explicit porn images with tepidly written clinical prose describing the various sex acts.

In the analism section we learn for example: "A common practice among homosexuals and heterosexuals alike, most medical and sex researchers agree that analistic sex practices when carefully practiced are not harmful." Apparently the author missed that day in English class when one was encouraged not to use the same word three times in a single sentence.

Was this published in this fashion to satisfty First Amendment considerations so it could be distributed in less enlightened parts of the country? Or to allow those who purchased it an excuse to fob the magazine off as some sort of "research" if the smut was discovered? "Good lord Bob, I'm not reading fairy porn -- this is for a speech I'm giving at the Kiwanas Club about abnormal sex in our community."

Or perhaps the clinical approach just meant to be cheeky. The full-page ads at the end of the magazine for explicit gay porn suggests this might have been the case.

If you'd like to download a free folder containing scans of the entire magazine, be sure to click here.

30 March 2011

Got Cum?

My favorite male species -- a big alpha muscular bullstud with a fat uncut cock. Has he done any more porn? Hopefully with another man or men?

29 March 2011

Hard Work

This is definitely a laborer I would hire. In fact, I'd simply have him dig pointless trenches in my hard so I could watch him.

I'd also want to know how long those jeans would last before they slid down on their own. Most times I don't like baggy jeans, but there are a few exceptions, and this lad is certainly one of them.

I'd also love to rub that tight fuzz on his head whilst he was down on his knees sucking me off. I could definitely deal with that.

28 March 2011

Don aka Jim aka Rick

You'll recognize Don aka Jim aka Rick, who was featured a few days ago in a solo set. He's back with a friend today in softcore action.

These are not the images I enjoyed in my college years where he was engaged in hardcore, explicit sex with a man. I honestly don't remember if it was the same partner seen here, because I was so focused on Don. The original porn collection of my youth was lost years ago in a fire, so hopefully some day I'll find that magazine again online. (For the record, it wasn't this set either, which I posted last year.)

If you'd like to download a free set of photo scans from the entire magazine issue in which this set appears, in addition to the ones with "Don" alone from a few days ago, be sure to click here.

27 March 2011

Gauge Double Feature

Big Gauge was featured in a photo post last week. I located several clips of him online. He's not the best porn performer ever, but I do like to see him with a hard cock in his mouth.

26 March 2011

The Gentleman's Club

Men's private clubs used to be very common in major cities like London, where some still can be found. Whilst most of them were filled with stuffy old farts conspiring to make themselves even wealthier, some of them were more libertine.

In nineteenth century England, public male/male affection was strictly verboten but, in private, homosexual activity between otherwise "straight" married men was actually somewhat common. I don't imagine bartenders sucked off too many blokes in the club common rooms; however, upstairs in the private chambers, you can bet your spats things like this happened.

25 March 2011

The Anatomy of Lust

Have you ever stopped to consider why a particular man appeals to you? What is it about him that attracts your attention instead of others who might be standing with him?

For me, first and foremost, it's the face. I am attracted to both sweetness and intelligence. The lad below seems to have both. Now of course you can't tell about the proverbial book from the cover, but kind, intelligent people generally have a different look than petty, stupid ones. This fellow seems like someone who would go out of his way to be helpful, to say something nice, and at the same time could carry on an interesting, informed conversation.

Next, it's his body overall. Yes, that's superficial, but I like peas and I don't like carrots. There's no excusing taste. I like a man who's thick and powerfully built. I like a man with big shoulders and a powerful chest. I like substantive arms. I like a man who doesn't look like he's afraid of working with his hands.

Dark hair and light eyes are a definite plus, too. Why? I think it's because some of the nicest men I've known just happen to have both. The natural fuzz is also very appealing to me.

He also has a sense of humor. The third picture reveals that. The third picture also suggests a devilishness, as does the last one. He can be tender in bed, but he can also get a little carried away at times when he's really horny. He might end up accidentally bruising you but he'd be supremely apologetic and tender afterwards.

I suspect he's a good kisser, too. He has lips made for use, not pretty boy ones made just to admire. He probably also gives one hell of a blowjob. He's not afraid to be versitile, either.

24 March 2011

Fapping Material

This bloke was one of my first fapping fantasies. Back in high school, I somehow obtained a straight hardcore porn mag where he was shown fucking a woman. His tanned, muscular body made an indelible impression on my lust-fueled youthful imagination. He's not hard here in these pictures, but I recall he was a grower.

The memory is so vivid I can still remember that he wore a wildly patterned shirt in the beginning of the shoot whilst leaning against a doorway with his cock half hard and in a snug metalic cock ring. The woman had her mouth open, ready to consume his offering. In the next image, he was fully in her mouth, completely hard, and looking directly in the camera with a satiated grin.

Flash forward a few years later. In my college years, I was visiting one of the used bookstores I haunted for used gay porn rags. One hardcore publication featured the same bloke, but this time fucking a man. I bought the magazine and left with it wrapped inside by backpack. The bus ride back to campus spanned three or four hours because the vehicle broke down and we had to wait for another bus. I finally got back to my dorm room and, although I was half-starved for dinner, I immediately closed the door and went to work.

23 March 2011


Both lads are a bit on the slight side, but I think you'll see why I featured this video. The top is from Bulgaria. I've seen him in another clip where he was equally relentless.

22 March 2011

Who's a Big Boy?

This is Gauge, who did a few gay porn titles in the 2002-2003 timeframe. He was a competitive bodybuilder and, when he was training, had more definition than seen here. I never saw him bottom, but he wasn't afraid to put a cock in his mouth.

If you'd like to download a free set with more than 100 photos of him, be sure to click here. I originally found this set on GayHeaven.org, an excellent free porn site you should definitely check out if you don't already know it.

21 March 2011

Lust at First Sight

He is the male equivalent of a cock tease. Those killer abs, those magnificent thighs, those supersnug shorty shorts with that fantastic bulging crotch.

20 March 2011

Flying Commando

When I was in college, 501s were pretty much the de rigueur jeans every young male was wearing. You wore them very broken in, very snug, and without a belt. They rode up a bit and emphasized your crotch. "Shrink to fit" were the best type of 501s, because once they were broken in, they hugged the body best.

If you were more daring, you skipped underwear and flew commando. Sometimes you could see a few stray pubes peeking out of the buttoned fly; this was before anyone even thought about trimming their fuzz down there. I didn't fly commando until probably my third year of college. I wore 501s virtually every day through the whole four years.

There's nothing quite like wearing a pair of 501s commando when the other bloke hurriedly unbuttons you to get at your stiffening goods. If you're just getting a quick blow-and-go somewhere, you might only have to unbutton the bottom few buttons.

When I gained weight, I stopped wearing 501s and segued into "relaxed" jeans. Underwear is necessary with those because your junk moves around and you can get a nasty rub or pinch. When I lost weight again, one way I celebrated was by buying some 501s -- the traditional kind that had never been washed and needed to "shrink to fit." During the shrinking phase, you pretty much have to wear underwear because they're so rough. Now I'm back to my soft, worn 501s most every day and flying commando once more.

Anthony here is wearing 501s but they're not the shrink-to-fit variety. He's wearing the ready-fit, pre-washed variety. I'm that much of a 501 connoisseur I can spot the difference in a picture like this.

19 March 2011

Naughty Slut

I think I missed my calling. I should've been a porn photographer so I could sexually harass my models, too.

18 March 2011

Can You Dig It?

One bloke in this vintage trio particularly caught my attention -- the one seen alone in the first shot. He's considerably buffer than typically seen in 1970s porn. These stills originally appeared in a smut magazine from that era.

Now I know the hair and sideburns are dated, but other than that, he's pretty hot. Men in the 1970s were not nearly as gym obsessed and toned as they are today, so I'm guessing he was a high school or college athlete who kept himself in shape. The little tattoo on his bicep suggests time in the military or prison or both.

So how did he end up in some sleazy Hollywood Boulevard motel room shooting porn? He doesn't have that "I'd rather be somewhere else" look about him. He seems to be enjoying what he's doing. His backstory is very intriguing to me. Did he turn tricks to supplement his porn income?

If you'd like to download a free set of scans from the entire magazine, be sure to click here.

17 March 2011


He's not the sort I usually favor, but I was hypnotized by those fantastic bushy pubes. I know many of you don't favor that attribute, but some of us very much do. Does anyone know his name? Please reply in the comments if you know. These came from a friend who would like to know who he is.