30 April 2018

An Open Plea

On Saturday, The New York Times published an editorial (link here) with the title "Please Stay, Justice Kennedy. America Needs You." The piece is an open letter to Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who once again is rumored to be considering retirement.

If he left the highest court in the land, Donald Trump would nominate his replacement. The Senate rules are now such that whoever that is would be confirmed relatively easily.

Kennedy is a classic swing vote on the Supreme Court and thus its most important member. Sometimes he sides with the high court's four more progressive members. Sometimes he sides with the court's extremely conservative members.

Hence, he's the only remaining moderate and defiantly so. He has been the critical vote protecting LGBT rights, women's rights, reproductive rights, and civil rights. He doesn't have a sterling record for progressive causes, but he certainly would be better than any arch conservative Trump would nominate.

Because Supreme Court justices serve for life, a second Trump nominee on the court would give conservatives a clear majority of votes for the next several decades, because the President almost certainly would nominate someone well under fifty years of age.

The editorial was obviously designed to catch Kennedy's eye, given its placement and the fact he almost certainly will see it. Hopefully he won't ignore its cogent argument, a sample of which now follows.

"Do you want to give your seat to a President whose campaign and administration are under criminal investigation, whose closest aides have been indicted or have pleaded guilty to federal crimes? A President with so little regard for or understanding of the role of the judiciary, the separation of powers, and the rule of law? A President who nominated to the federal bench someone who called you a 'judicial prostitute'?"

Hopefully Kennedy will see the piece and, most importantly, reconsider his decision to retire, if he indeed is considering that. He's 81, but he's not the oldest justice currently serving on the court. And the oldest in Supreme Court history was Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., who stepped down at ninety.

I'm wondering if some smart people will start a movement for every progressive American to mail a copy of the Times editorial to the justice. If that starts up, I'll post details on this blog.

Magical Eyes

The beefy lad seen in all the images below is Diego, originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He's been doing porn for the last six years. He stands 5'9, weighs 190 pounds, and is 33 years old. He posts lots of hardcore images and video loops of porn scenes and shots on his Twitter feed (link here).

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29 April 2018


On Thursday, Donald Trump gave a rather unhinged interview on the cable television program "Fox and Friends," which he watches daily because the show's hosts flatter him endlessly on-air. It's nice to know the President is ignoring his official duties so he can watch mindless daytime television.

A few hours later that same day, his attorneys were in New York in a court appearance insisting that they had to first review all the documents seized during an FBI raid on Trump's lawyer/fixer Michael Cohen before prosecutors could look at them.

But proscutors had moved quickly. During that morning's television appearance, Trump had said Cohen's work for him was only a "tiny, tiny little fraction" of his legal work. So prosecutors used Trump's own words against his lawyers in their pleadings.

The interview Trump gave was so damaging to his legal position that Politico published a piece (link here) about how he, once again, was his own worst enemy. The article's title is "Trump's comments cause him legal headaches — again."

"It's just a complete nightmare for his lawyers," said a former federal corruption prosecutor quoted in the piece. "The problem isn't just what he specifically admits in these statements. It's constantly generating inconsistent statements about issues that are going to be litigated, and that's what he has been doing. For his lawyers, it must be like watching your toddler play in traffic. You've got a client completely out of control."

It's no wonder Trump has been unable to find any top-ranked attorneys to represent him in his mounting legal crisis.

Big Buddy

The noticeably bigger top here in this hot scene is named Blake Jackson, at least in porn. He's 6'1 and weighs 185 pounds. He did porn for ten years but left the business in 2016 for unknown other adventures.

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28 April 2018

The Plot Thickens

Yesterday, The New York Times broke the story (link here) documenting how the Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump's son, son-in-law, and campaign manager at Trump Tower in the summer of 2016 has Kremlin ties.

Two years ago in an email that has recently been unearthed, the Russian lawyer admitted to being an "informant" for a top Kremlin official, Yuri Y. Chaika, the prosecutor general. Chaika, of course, is quite close to Vladimir Putin.

Last night, NBC News broadcast an interview with the lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, who confirmed her Kremlin connection.

Trump, of course, continues his deceptive claim of "no Russian collusion!" notwithstanding the continuing documentation of collusion.

Also yesterday, a federal court threw out a lawsuit filed by Trump's indicted campaign manager Paul Manafort (details here), who was attempting to stop his prosecution by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the criminal investigation into Trump and his associates. Manafort tried to object that Mueller had exceeded his legal authority when he began his prosecution against him.

Not surprisingly, Trump was ranting once again yesterday on Twitter about how the Mueller investigation and indictments are nothing more than a "witch hunt!" Curious how no federal court or appellate court has dismissed any criminal charges against any of the dozens of people who have already been indicted in this alleged witch hunt.

Apparently no one on Trump's staff has the courage to tell him that Richard Nixon frequently wailed about how the Watergate investigation was nothing more than a witch hunt out to get him.


The very hot bottom here goes by Marco Rubi amongst other names in porn. Sadly, he retired from the business in 2016. Nonetheless, he still posts photos of himself on Twitter (link here).

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27 April 2018

The Fiasco

Yesterday, Donald Trump's nominee for Secretary of the Veterans Administration, Ronny Jackson, withdrew his name even before he had a confirmation hearing. This came after reports circulated amongst both Republican and Democratic Senators that the nominee, a medical doctor, drank on the job, wrecked a government car whilst drunk, made drunken sexual advances on female colleagues, and over-prescribed opiod medications.

The past conduct aside, Jackson was woefully unqualified for the job. He was a medical doctor and serving Navy officer, but had utterly no administrative skills. He was simply somebody Trump liked. The normal process of vetting a nominee and brainstorming with key Senators was completely ignore.

Conservative Republican columnist Jennifer Rubin lambasted Trump on Wednesday for nominating a clearly unqualified candidate (link here) in a piece with the title "The Jackson fiasco: A case study of Trump’s abject unfitness."

She made a number of spot-on observations:

Trump doesn’t know or care what top government officials do, so he has no sense of who can succeed.

Trump immediately blames others for his failings, as he did with the Jackson nomination.

Trump is all over the place in support for his own choices, sometimes backing them, other times tearing them down.

Trump is a coward and can't deliver bad news face to face. He couldn't cut Jackson loose and, instead, waffled all over the place.

Trump ruins those around him. Accepting a nomination has proved not to be an honor but, instead, a curse.

Rubin did not mention one fact that struck me in this whole fiasco. Trump fired the previous Secretary of Veterans Affairs, but he had no candidate or candidates waiting in the wings. Big mistake.

That's the mark of a really bad manager. But it's no surprise, really -- Trump has the worst management skills of any President since the scandal-plagued Warren G. Harding.

Pumped Seed

This big bruiser has been featured on this blog before and he's back today in a large collection. He goes by William Seed in porn but that sounds like a fake name, given he's French Canadian. He stands 5'9 and weighs 195 pounds.

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26 April 2018

The Long Con

In criminal lingo, a long con is a scam that can take a lengthy time to set up and operate but then potentially pays huge rewards. Arguable the best example of a long con would be Bernie Madoff's elaborate Ponzi scheme that bilked tens of billions from unsuspecting investors.

On Monday, The Washington Post published a revealing article (link here) by a seasoned writer who, when young and inexperienced, had been conned by Donald Trump into including him on the Forbes 400 List of the wealthiest people in the world. As part of this scam, Trump pretended to be someone else to verify his false claims about wealth.

The writer still has recordings from those now-debunked verification interviews, and it's obvious Trump is pretending to be someone else.

Thanks to his inclusion on the super wealthy list, Trump began to cultivate the false impression that he was super rich when he was actually far less so. The first big payday for this scam was when he landed the lead slot on the first season of The Apprentice as an allegedly successful billionaire and one of the world's allegedly richest men.

The Apprentice made Trump a worldwide celebrity and significantly boosted his chances when he ran for President. This despite the reality that Trump was close to broke when he started on The Apprentice and almost filed for personal bankruptcy. His businesses ultimately filed for bankrutcy six times.

Bloomberg Media ran a great follow-up article (link here) with the title "How Long Can Trump's Long Con Last?" The writer of that piece thinks that Trump's window of opportunity on this elaborate con is about up. Good. Bring down his scam.

Was this long con planned or was it accidental? We'll probably never know for certain, but Trump doesn't seem to have the vision, intelligence, discretion, or patience to set something like this in motion. I'd argue that he was extremely lucky and helped by coincidence.

And a long history of shameless lying certainly helped, too.

Supplement Stud

This is Griffith, who apparently is making his porn debut with this jerkoff scene. He is very nicely put together and has a sweet, trusting, innocent face. The releasing website provided no personal detail other than the fact that he's six foot tall and starting his own supplement business. They were utterly silent about whether he would be returning for some man-on-man action, and they were parsimonious with nude photos, if that means anything.

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25 April 2018

Acting Guilty

The Washington Post ran a great shorter item yesterday (link here) that poses the question: "Trump keeps saying he’s innocent. So why does he keep sounding like he’s guilty?"

The piece starts with observing how Donald Trump posted on Twitter last weekend about how his longtime lawyer and fixer would not flip on him. But then the writer wiseley asks: if Trump is innocent, why is he even talking about people flipping?

This, of course, is not the first time the current President said or acted in a way that strongly suggests guilt and not innocence.

The article notes that Trump's constant trashing of Special Counsel Mueller, who leads the criminal investigation into the President, is what a guilty man would do. Once again, Trump is his own worst enemy.

Read the linked item. It's short but a really insightful read.

The Playpit

This is a very nicely shot scene that's artistic and highly erotic at the same time. Be forewarned there'some pissing in the last two minutes of the video, so if you're not into that, stop the film at that point

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24 April 2018


Americans overwhelmingly support net neutrality. A recent survey shows that a whopping 83 percent support keeping the net neutrality rules passed during the Obama administration (details here).

Net neutrality means that all data from all sources flows into and out of your IP service at exactly the same rate. So if you're downloading school or work materials, that's coming in at the same rate as a movie you're downloading. Repealing net neutrality means certain companies' products can stream faster on the Internet, while other material, particularly from not-for-profit sources, can be slowed by internet service companies.

The Trump administration has gone out of its way to kill net neutrality, notwithstanding the huge majority of people who support keeping it. Yesterday, an important calendar milestone expired on the road to killing net neutrality (details here). It's no longer a question of whether they'll expire but when that exact date will be.

Chances are you will see slower speeds on your internet service in a few months, particularly for sites that don't pay a premium for hits. It's also a means to making sure certain voices are drowned out on the internet.

Why did the Trump administration want to repeal a rule that 83 percent of Americans support? There are two reasons: big corporations don't like net neutrality and authoritarian governments don't like net neutrality.

Trump said he would be the advocate for the ordinary American. His stance and actions on net neutrality, however, show that's nothing but a bald-faced lie, one of many he's told. He's totally abandoned ordinary Americans. Unless you're really rich, you don't matter.

Happily Proven Wrong

Earlier this month, Leo appeared here on the blog in a solo shoot. I wrote at the time "I'm thinking this is the first, last, and only time we'll see Leo in the all-together, but I'm happy to be proven wrong."

I was wrong. Leo is back and he's sucking cock and fucking another bloke. He also did two other shoots recently where in one he was jerked off and in the other he was bound up, smacked a bit, and then finger-fucked. Given he's gone full hardcore, I expect we'll see more of him soon, and perhaps he'll be bottoming, too.

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23 April 2018

Rinse and Repeat

On Saturday, The New York Times published a terrific short primer (link here) about the many dubious domestic and international real estate deals in which Donald Trump and his business have been involved in recent years. The piece is titled "The Business Deals That Could Imperil Trump" and was written by Peter Fritsch and Glenn Simpson, former journalists who now investigate shady businesses for corporate clients.

Their premise is straightforward. After multiple bankruptcies in 1990s and 2000s, Trump was unable to find conventional financing for projects. He almost entirely abandoned real estate development and, instead, licensed his name to anyone willing to pay a price.

Yet on nearly every project, Trump partnered with extremely dubious individuals, all of whom were either directly or indirectly involved in money laundering and/or other illegal activities. Of the direct development in which Trump was still involved, many of the buyers were foreign nationals, particularly Russians, who bought with shell companies.

If you go down the list of all of Trump's projects in the last two decades, virtually every single one involves at least one partner with some kind of suspicious history. As the Fritsch/Simpson piece notes, a business can't just look the other way when conducting business with dodgy people; federal law requires due diligence, which it does not appear Trump and company every much conducted.

These are inconvenient truths for Trump's dwindling number of supporters and Republicans in Congress who still back the President.

For the nation, above and beyond the issue of having an extremely dodgy businessman in the Oval Office, Trump's many shady business partners put the country at risk. Trump could easily be blackmailed about one or several of these projects -- and may already have been done so -- and he could also make decisions as President for the benefit of his own businesses and partners and not the country. There is considerble evidence to suggest that has already happened.

Hopefully, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team are examining these matters as part of the criminal investigation into Trump, and there are signs they have been doing so. As well, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York may also be examining these matters as part of their investigation into Michael Cohen, Trump's lawyer/fixer who is likely to be charged in the near future with a number of crimes.

If Congress had any sense of responsibility, they would also be investigating these matters and holding public hearings. Unfortunately, until Republicans lose control of at least one chamber of that body, no investigation will be forthcoming.

That's why it's so important that everyone who is not registered to vote does so and votes this November. Matters this grave cannot be ignored much longer.


This lad, purportedly named Gansey, is what I call ordinary bloke hot. He's not movie idol hot but he's well above average with a muscular, fuzzy bod and sweet face. He's definitely a keeper. The releasing studio doesn't provide much information, other than the fact that he's 32 and from São Paulo, Brazil. Based on his proportions to the furniture, I'm guessing he's about 5'10.

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22 April 2018

Moscow Nights

The James Comey memos released earlier this week discuss in part the so-called Steele Dossier by a former MI6 covert operative who details a number of salacious and scandalous claims about Donald Trump, many of which have been proven to be true. But one alleged "golden showers" incident became a Trump obsession.

The dossier claims that Trump consorted with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel suite where he ordered them to urinate on a bed that had once been used by President and First Lady Obama during a previous visit. This was one of several different alleged Trump assignations with prostitutes in Russia, all of which were allegedly recorded secretly and could be or already have been used to blackmail him.

As the Comey memos reveal, Trump insisted he did not stay overnight in Moscow on the night the golden showers incident supposedly took place. But as Talking Points Memo documented on Friday (link here), that is an easily disproven lie.

Trump spent not one but two nights in Moscow when the incident is said to have occurred, as the linked article (with further source links) details with FAA filings and more.

Proving Trump was actually in Moscow when he says he wasn't does not prove that the urination incident took place. But as the Talking Points Memo item notes, why is Trump lying about this trip?

If nothing happened, why so many lies about not being in Moscow?

Desert Heat

Muscle monster Zeb Atlas and Adam Killian escape to the desert to quench their thirst. But this doesn't have anything to do with drinking water. They'll need to drink a lot of water once they're done, though.

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21 April 2018


Yesterday, the Democratic National Committee filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump's 2016 campaign operation, Trump's son Don Jr., and Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, as well as against a number of other entities and officials, including Russia's spy agencies and various senior Trump campaign staffers (details here).

The lawsuit charges the campaign and others with running a complex conspiracy to disrupt the 2016 campaign, breaching the DNC's secure systems, and distorting the electoral process with rampant dishonest and illegal activity. The DNC filed a similar lawsuit after the 1972 election when it was revealed Richard Nixon's campaign had repeaedly engaged in illegal activity targeting Democrats.

"This constituted an act of unprecedented treachery: the campaign of a nominee for President of the United States in league with a hostile foreign power to bolster its own chance to win the presidency," the DNC chairman said in a prepared statement released at the time the suit was filed.

While Trump's campaign and allies allege the lawsuit is not serious, it is worth noting that the DNC won their similar lawsuit in 1974, two years after it was filed, when the Nixon campaign settled and paid $750,000 in damages.

With this type of litigation, the ultimate outcome is not particularly important. What is potentially important are the various documents the DNC will be able to pry from the Trump campaign by using subpoeanas during the discovery process.

We can't expect anything really soon on this suit but more will likely in about a year. Stay tuned.

A Beautiful Man

The stunning bottom in this video went by Tomas Kukal and also John in porn. He has a fantastic body and a sweet, kindly face. Sadly, he was only in porn for a few years and did about a dozen scenes. He retired in 2014.

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20 April 2018

The Memos

Last night, the Associated Press published seven of the now famous file memos written by former FBI Director James Comey to document his meetings with and phone calls from Donald Trump in the earliest months of his presidency (details here, memo copies here).

While scattered details about these memos have been published by the media ever since they were first known to exist shortly after Comey was fired by Trump to stop the Russia scandal investigation, as he admitted on camera to NBC's Lester Holt, this is the first time the actual memos have been seen by the public.

Their release provides some important new information.

For instance, Trump repeatedly urged Comey to see that journalists who published leaked details were prosecuted, a process that would blatantly violate the First Amendment. Comey documented that Trump said reporters would be more willing to identify their sources after they had spent a few nights behind bars.

The Comey memos also reveal that Trump admitted he had "serious reservations" about the "judgment" of fired (and now indicted) National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Nonetheless, Trump continued to support him until other issues created a public controversy.

The memos also document Trump's now infamous demand that Comey pledge his personal loyalty to the President, something the FBI Director declined to do.

Not surprisingly, Trump-loyal Republicans on Capitol Hill have crowed that the released memos vindicate the President and show no obstruction of justice. More neutral parties, however, say the opposite is true.

A careful reading of the memos show that they, indeed, are clearly not a vindication and also confirm the President's unconstitional instincts.

Living Large

The top here goes by XL in porn and has been working sporadically since 2011 as both a bottom and a top. In the last few month, he's stepped up his appearances, for whatever reason. He's also sporting a leaner muscular look and a way-hot full beard.

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