24 April 2018

Happily Proven Wrong

Earlier this month, Leo appeared here on the blog in a solo shoot. I wrote at the time "I'm thinking this is the first, last, and only time we'll see Leo in the all-together, but I'm happy to be proven wrong."

I was wrong. Leo is back and he's sucking cock and fucking another bloke. He also did two other shoots recently where in one he was jerked off and in the other he was bound up, smacked a bit, and then finger-fucked. Given he's gone full hardcore, I expect we'll see more of him soon, and perhaps he'll be bottoming, too.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and are part of a large collection featuring more than three hundred images of Leo: this hardcore shoot plus the wanked shoot as well as the bondage/finger-fucking one. To download the complete group of all three shoots in a free zipped folder, please click here.


  1. OMFG! How I'd like to reach up and grab those hairy pecs! I'd never let go!

  2. such a dream man! i MUST have him :)


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