31 December 2009

Under Sirveillance

SIRveillance is a great ongoing feature at "Dwight Supremacy," where anonymous hot blokes are caught on camera phones and posted for all to enjoy. If you're not already watching it, you should be.

30 December 2009

Blondes Have More Fun

Not a lot of filmic variation here, but the director understands what makes porn hot. It's not 101 camera angles and goofy setups. All you need are some hot blokes who can't wait to fuck, then turn on your camera, sit back, and watch.

29 December 2009

Beach Buddy

Does this guy not have perfect pecs or what? He's built for cuddling!

28 December 2009

Assistant Coach

I don't know where he's the assistant coach (see second picture), but I'm ready to sign up for the team. He's someone's hot anonymous boyfriend, shown a few years apart, harvested from Flickr.

27 December 2009

Costume Epic

I am a sucker for any kind of porn in period costumes. There's something about it that makes the sex more erotic for me. I guess this is a throwback to my teenage years, when more porn was of the historical costume sort.

Back then, I could only get my underage hands on straight porn but nonetheless enjoyed watching studs in period clothes getting hard and having sex. One of the first porn flicks I saw in those tender years was something called Naughty Victorians, and I still remember the cumshot, the first one I saw on film, where a guy dressed in 19th century clothes shot cum all over the place whilst a woman gave him a handjob. The cum flew all over the room in spurts arcing six or more feet into the air, which I thought was the best thing I'd ever seen.

26 December 2009

What About Pat?

These images are of an Australian bloke named Pat, taken about ten years ago when he was in his late twenties by his then boyfriend, who in turn posted them recently on a photography forum. The couple must have been together for quite a time, because he also featured earlier photos he had taken of Pat about twenty years ago.

I always think it's so sad when a couple breaks up after a long time together. I can always remember their happy times, so it makes the separation all the more like a scar. I'm a helpless romantic -- I always think love should last forever.

25 December 2009

Ho Ho Ho

I hope a big hot stud climbs down your chimney and climbs into bed with you. If that doesn't happen, I hope at least you have a wonderful holiday. I found this hot holiday bloke at the great blog Torn Jeans World. He can stuff my stocking anytime he wants.

24 December 2009

The Exhibitionist

Aaron is a very hot amateur bloke from Canada who loves to show off his fantastic ass and big, thick cock on his blog. Images range from teasing PG shots to hardcore X-rated goodies plus lots of videos. Be sure to check it out here.

23 December 2009

Hot Courier

There never seems to be a shortage of very hot courier studs in Los Angeles and New York. The West Coast ones often arrive on motorcycles, but they're always in a hurry to leave. They breeze in smelling of leather and the great outdoors.

Before the cellular age, they would always ask if they could use the phone, so they might linger around for a bit, but no more -- now they're gone in a flash. There's a particularly hot one who must have a route that includes my California house. He's a blond god, about 6'3", and impeccably polite. I imagine he's a struggling actor. Too bad he's never asked to use my bathroom.

22 December 2009

Vintage Erron

ALthough vintage porn is sometimes lacking in technical sophistication, it can often have a raw eroticism that's lacking in today's smut. In past generations, the gay porn men frequently had a brazen sexuality about them, like this set of Erron -- what they were doing was a lot more shocking and anti-social than appearing in porn today. They were flaunting more than their nudity before the camera, and that added to the erotic appeal.

21 December 2009

Latin Lover

His name is Felipe. I found him on my hard drive. Latin men can be so hot for, I think, a variety of reasons. They're often very open and friendly, mischievous and tactile. The heart-breakers keep in excellent physical condition, and they're frequently hung and uncut. They love to tease and flirt. For them, sex is an art, and they are the consummate artists.

20 December 2009

Brazil Impressions

I found these on Usenet posted as "Brazil Impressions." I don't know if these blokes are in some kind of training gym or bordello or what. The place looks very seedy whatever it is.

19 December 2009


I featured a much shorter version of this clip a few months back. I recently found the entire clip and am posting it now.

18 December 2009


Derrick was very much in demand for a few years but now seems to have disappeared from the modeling scene. The site where these images appeared is defunct. He's now in his early thirties and seems to be working as a personal trainer. Thanks to the Internet, his beauty is not forgotten.

17 December 2009

Damon Redux

I've featured Damon before. These images today are by the extremely talented erotic photographer Dylan Rosser. The big question, of course, is when will Damon transition from solo porn into something where he's not so lonely and doesn't have to do all the work himself?