27 December 2009

Costume Epic

I am a sucker for any kind of porn in period costumes. There's something about it that makes the sex more erotic for me. I guess this is a throwback to my teenage years, when more porn was of the historical costume sort.

Back then, I could only get my underage hands on straight porn but nonetheless enjoyed watching studs in period clothes getting hard and having sex. One of the first porn flicks I saw in those tender years was something called Naughty Victorians, and I still remember the cumshot, the first one I saw on film, where a guy dressed in 19th century clothes shot cum all over the place whilst a woman gave him a handjob. The cum flew all over the room in spurts arcing six or more feet into the air, which I thought was the best thing I'd ever seen.


  1. ANYTHING with Pedro Andreas is going to be hot.

  2. Anonymous14:22

    OMG OMG OMG Gorgeous.... gorgeous ...

    THANX THANX THANX !!!! I saw hundreds of
    hot vids in my life, but this is certainly
    one of the BEST !!!!

  3. Anonymous02:42

    craving for * SWEATBOX * / is there a chance
    that you could show us this UKnakedmen ( with
    ab fab KURT !! ) vid , too ... ??

  4. Anonymous13:20

    Daniel and Pedro : still the hottest couple in
    gay porn / these men are BEAUTIFUL and CLASSIC

  5. Anonymous06:25

    grandi,belli,ineguagliabili.Pedro e Andreas!!!


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