06 December 2009

Horndog Park Rangers

Although porn conceits are often absurd, the idea of two horny park rangers getting it on could actually happen. The mostly male rangers in remote wildernesses might turn to each other for companionship and release. I've visited many of the American national parks, where some of the rangers are truly incredible studs -- muscular, outdoorsy, masculine, and with those hot Smokey the Bear hats, too. They're all so wonderfully friendly when they lead you on their nature talks that it's easy to see how something could happen.


  1. Anonymous10:02

    I've enjoyed this video, but I gotta mention that the Ranger who says "You want this big ass you gotta lick it first", unfortunately died a couple years back of natural causes. Can't recall his name, I (think) it was Josh or something like that. I don't think it wrong to say though that he did indeed have a really great big ass as he himself said here. - Montana Cowboy

  2. He was Haus Weston.

  3. Anonymous10:41

    The top in the video is Sam Crockett. He is now a personal trainer in a small town in South Carolina. I have worked with him for awhile...really nice fellow!! We flirt but have never gotten together...maybe one day.
    Ranger Rick


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