23 December 2009

Hot Courier

There never seems to be a shortage of very hot courier studs in Los Angeles and New York. The West Coast ones often arrive on motorcycles, but they're always in a hurry to leave. They breeze in smelling of leather and the great outdoors.

Before the cellular age, they would always ask if they could use the phone, so they might linger around for a bit, but no more -- now they're gone in a flash. There's a particularly hot one who must have a route that includes my California house. He's a blond god, about 6'3", and impeccably polite. I imagine he's a struggling actor. Too bad he's never asked to use my bathroom.


  1. Anonymous07:31

    Hot Vid. (and talk about a 'Glass Ceiling'!)
    - Montana Cowboy

  2. Anonymous18:15

    This is very hot!

  3. Anonymous01:32

    like so many of us, I saw the trailer, before ... THANX THANX for the complete vid /
    I think that Kurt is the hottest guy on the
    planet , now , he's so handsome / his body and
    cock are just to-die-for ... I had a steelhard
    dick myself for half an hour , watching this
    ultra-hot masterpiece ... THANX !!!


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