22 December 2009

Vintage Erron

ALthough vintage porn is sometimes lacking in technical sophistication, it can often have a raw eroticism that's lacking in today's smut. In past generations, the gay porn men frequently had a brazen sexuality about them, like this set of Erron -- what they were doing was a lot more shocking and anti-social than appearing in porn today. They were flaunting more than their nudity before the camera, and that added to the erotic appeal.


  1. I personally find vintage porn such as this way hotter than what we see today. The black/white photography is an art and the role light and shadow play in the picture really sets it off.

  2. Anonymous08:10

    ...second that! - Montana Cowboy

  3. Vintage is so hot, and this guy is great!

  4. Anonymous01:58

    This is classic Jim French photography. He was the most significant master of 20th century male nudes

  5. Anonymous16:58

    Even hotter in person - in the 80's he was a bartender in West Hollywood
    and if you got within 10 feet of him you could feel him radiate SEX
    & surprisingly this hotness didnt dissipate when you found out he was even a sweeter person than he was hot.

  6. Anonymous09:29

    Le porno d'antan était autrement plus excitant que ce qu'on fait aujourd'hui. Les mecs étaient plus naturels, ils ne passaient pas leur temps chez l'esthéticienne à se faire épiler et refaire les sourcils. Finalement, on n'a rien gagné avec le Net, on a accès à des milliers de sites, mais on voit la même chose et les mêmes mecs partout... Tout cela est bien triste.


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