15 December 2009


I featured a video of Jake recently, and here are some solo shots from about ten years ago. Jake still looks very hot, and I'll post some of his very recent stuff soon.

I remember when I first discovered Jake. I was in the process of figuring out myself, too. Jake helped me realize you could be manly, masculine, and gay all at once. He didn't fit the "typical gay" stereotype, and neither did I.


  1. Anonymous09:11

    definently not the longest cock in the world, but surely this fat schlong would cause pain either way.

  2. Lucien05:31

    Hottest fuckee in all of porn - be bottoms so good with that perfect male butt

  3. Anonymous12:28

    it's THICK baby, it's THICK !!

  4. Anonymous03:55

    Do you know his last name and other blogs that have pics of him? I hope you can upload some more!!


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