02 December 2009

Two Favorites

These two pornstuds, Jake Andrews and Trent Reed, have always been a favorite. They were real lovers in private life at the time this was made, so that adds a certain reality to their on-screen chemistry. Trent apparently disappeared into obscurity, but Jake still makes an occasional porn flick. He's now in his late forties but still looks fantastic. I have some recent pictures of him and will post them in the near future.


  1. Their my favorites two

  2. Anonymous08:49

    I've a feeling here that you favor Jake Andrews over Trent. I always liked Trent Reed since the early 90's. Can't say why exactly, probably his face and his voice. I'd like to see what Trent looks like today, certainly older but I'm sure still as sexy as ever.
    - Montana Cowboy

  3. Anonymous10:24


    They could have skipped the western polka music, but the men are smoking hot. Great clip.

  4. I've a feeling here that you favor Jake Andrews over Trent.

    Oh no. I like Trent every bit as much as I like Jake. Trent's taller, and I have a special place in my heart for big, tall, strapping studs.

  5. loved it , what eles can i say...old school porn was good too

  6. Anonymous09:23

    so hot, so gorgeous ... this one has been a
    favourite in my collection, for years ....
    still thrilling ... my only problem is Jake's
    hairdo in his latest Colt films , hahahaha
    ( though he's aging in a sublime way ... )


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