30 April 2013

Cowboys on the Porch

This is one of those porn shoots that isn't particularly logical -- why are cowboys fucking on the porch, in broad daylight, in view of the neighbors? I guess it's from a porn flick and is revealed in the paper-thin plot.

I never saw porches on houses until we moved to America when I was a lad. They are generally seen in Britain only on barns and churches. If perhaps blokes did this on their porches more, then their popularity as an architectural feature would increase.

29 April 2013

Dick As in Richard

I featured the first shot here recently in a photo collection, and I just had to hunt down more from the set. Richard Pierce has such a fantastic fuck-me face in these photos, and his lips are so sensuous.

I just want to grab hold of those jug ears and start rutting his cute mug until I pump a load down his throat. I can't help myself -- some men just make me want to do that.

28 April 2013

Hot Muscle Bottom

What's not to love in this video? The bottom is a scorcher and watching his fat hard cock fly all over whilst he's fucked is one of many highlights.

27 April 2013

Ride That Cowboy

The middle section of this hot video features a fantastic extended segment where Jesse rides Lawson's cock while his own thick pierced and hard meat bobs around all over the place for several minutes. It gives a whole new meaning to "cowboy up." I rewound that part and watched several times.

If you're having trouble seeing the video below, click here to go directly to the Xvideos page.

26 April 2013

Stairway to Heaven

Oh look, it's a party at David Geffen's house. But seriously -- it's nice to see a photographer who wants to make an artistic statement at the same time he's cranking out porn. It's Edward Weston goes West Hollywood. But be careful -- cum on tile steps can be very slippery.

25 April 2013

Pachyderm Trunks

I sometimes look at erotica Tumblr blogs when I'm rolling calls. Smut is great for multitasking. I have a list of ones I visit, and I find that I visit some more than others. One I check regularly is Pachyderm Trunks, where all the photos below originated.

Sometimes the men don't have their pachyderm trunks on display but they're still hot. On occasion, you see the outline of their pachyderm trunks through their clothes. Whilst still others have theirs out in grazing mode, pointing down at the savanah. And then there are the ones with their pachyderm trunks on full alert, reaching for the trees.

Hopefully, your own pachyderm trunk will enjoy these shots and visiting Pachyderm Trunks, too.

24 April 2013

Caught Cheating

Here's a steamy bit of anger sex to liven up your Wednesday. I think Jessie cheated on Adam deliberately so he'd get a merciless fuck in return.

23 April 2013

Send in the Cavalry

He's certainly nice to look at and I'll bet he smells nice. He can charge me any time he wants. He can also come over to my homestead, strip off that shirt, and help me chop firewood. Then I'll take him, his body, and his sweet innocent face into my cabin and corrupt his morals.

There's something so inherently sexual about a man with strong legs astride a horse. I believe this is a post-Civil War 19th century US Army cavalry uniform, but I'm not an expert on American military garb. This is a really huge picture, suitable for a screen saver, so be sure to right click and stable him on your hard drive.

22 April 2013

Boned Up

This is one of the hottest things I've seen in a good while. I do realize that his raging boner might be medically induced. But it could just as easily be "all natural" -- some lads can stay hard simply because they're excited about being hard. It's sort of like erection nirvana. They won't go soft until they cum.

If the images below aren't animating for you, please click here to see him in action.

21 April 2013

Officer Donny

This is arguably one of the more infamous scenes in all of porn. Officer Donny is such a slut, and I mean that in the very best way.

20 April 2013

The Legend Returns

Someone just posted these four vids of the magnificent Von Legend yesterday on Xvideos. I've only ever seen the first one of these, so this cache was a real treat to discover.

Some of the screens below may appear blank, but they'll fill in once they play. If you're having trouble seeing the videos on this page, you can find the direct links here.

19 April 2013

Chasing Chase

This is Chase, who's 27, 5'11, and 185 pounds. I suspect he has a fuzzy chest which he shaves. I say this because he has a darker beard shadow, which usually means the man has a nice thatch of chest hair. Like many younger guys, he probably razors or waxes that off, which is very unfortunate.

Chase is somewhat younger than the type of bloke I typically favor, but I'd make an exception for him. He can chase after me anytime he wants. If he doesn't, I'll chase after him. He has an absolutely magnificent ass. If Chase plays on Team Rainbow, I envy the man who gets to tap his bumper.

He has a little bit of a Paul Wagner thing going. He could pass for Wagner's cousin. I wouldn't mind a four-way with Chase, Paul, and my boyfriend and me. We'd tie up Chase and Paul and then have our way with them, swapping off with each other. We'd make sure they both went home with smiles on their faces.

18 April 2013

Fred the Fed

Do you ever see a picture of a hot man who really tickles your willy? I had that reaction to the bloke on the left yesterday when I saw his picture in the newspaper.

He's an unnamed federal agent leading the handcuffed Bob Hoskins lookalike to an awaiting car. I'll almost certainly never see him again nor will I ever learn his name, but I can still admire him from afar. I'll bet he has a nice hairy, muscular chest.

17 April 2013

Versatile Steve

When I feature a lad in still photos, sometimes I'll also search to see what's available at the various video sites. I found two for Steve Regis, who appeared here yesterday. He bottoms for smokin' hot Ace Harden in one and tops cock addict Rob Cryston in the other.

16 April 2013


Steve Regis was a major pornstar in the 1990s. He didn't break into the business until he was in his mid-thirties and was both a top and bottom. His muscular, rugged physique and his ordinary-guy looks quickly made him very popular and his insatiable appetite for sex and men made him memorable. Sadly, he died in his mid-forties due to an undetected heart condition.

15 April 2013

Uh. . .Duh

This lad truly does not look like the sharpest knife in the drawer. He reminds me of some of the farm boys from my years spent in the American Midwest. But he's cute and he has nice shoulders and arms

While he may not be able to explain quantum physics to you, he's more easily talked into doing things he'd never thought he'd do. "Um, dude, uh, you sure if you stick your dick in my ass it won't hurt?" "Trust me on this -- let me jack you off while I do it and you'll thank me for this later."