15 April 2013

Uh. . .Duh

This lad truly does not look like the sharpest knife in the drawer. He reminds me of some of the farm boys from my years spent in the American Midwest. But he's cute and he has nice shoulders and arms

While he may not be able to explain quantum physics to you, he's more easily talked into doing things he'd never thought he'd do. "Um, dude, uh, you sure if you stick your dick in my ass it won't hurt?" "Trust me on this -- let me jack you off while I do it and you'll thank me for this later."


  1. Anonymous12:46

    Manhandler: You certainly have an eclectic aesthetic. This guy does absolutely nothing for me, but you're much more forgiving (or terminally horny) than I.

  2. With no distinguishable features above the waist, this guy is like a blank canvas. This gives me a great idea!

    They should make a toy of him (in the spirit of Mr. Potato Head). He could come with attachable facial hair, chest hair, pubes, tattoos, earrings, cock rings, rubbers, glasses, etc., so you can dress him up (or down) any way you wish.

    They could call him Mr. Porno Head.

    Leo G.

  3. Anonymous05:29

    The quintessential deer in the headlights.

  4. Anonymous08:40

    He looks like a real eager to learn bottom, my favorite kind. He would leave my house with a sore ass and a quart of cum in his gut.

  5. Anonymous15:56

    Who and the hell cares about quantum physics, I love his innocent look and what a great chest and arms, and a nice curved uncut wiggly worm he has between his legs, nice balls too, I bet he knows how to use it very well:):):) And I bet his pouty lips would do just fine around my cock.

  6. The first thing I thought when I saw his face is that this guy is wearing lipstick!

  7. You don't get it, he's got a great body from working at the feed and seed store and playing right tackle on the local high school foot ball team. He's a nice guy, absolutely uncorrupted, he's the slightly muscled up version of the kid next door. Okay for whatever reason his cock is hanging out of his shorts, while he still has them on. And the nude shots? Didn't you hear the guys at the mill and the Volunteer Fire Department went naked to sell a calendar to buy a new fire truck?

  8. Anonymous07:28

    lol, Big Swiss, I do get it, your right on the money. He's a big sweet "knucklehead" (and I mean that with all affection). He would do anything to help someone out. Naive maybe.. but how can you not like him.



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