09 April 2013

Adam aka James

This is Adam, who has also modeled as James. He is just the cutest lad. His body is flawless, that fuzz is magnificent, those eyes are electrifying, and that sweet, innocent face is just begging to be corrupted. I'm guessing he's an easy blusher, and boy oh boy would I love to make him blush something fierce.


  1. WOOF very sexy and very Handsome.


  2. The last shot is best. He has a bit of a wet spot in the front of his trunks. Is that sweat or precum?

  3. Anonymous13:33

    His body's kinda' creepy--especially those legs.

  4. Anonymous19:13

    That is one *ferocious* body!

  5. OMG. Those legs. Are they for real?

  6. Tolly04:55

    Adam Carlton, is much envied in bodybuilding circles. Have a look at his youtube vids, he's actually a very sweet guy. Also, yes, his legs, very much are real.
    He is just perfect...

  7. Anonymous05:34

    He apparently ran track (his youtube account is adam400m), which is why his legs look so incredible. He's gorgeous, built, furry...a real dream stud.

  8. OMFG! Can I tell you how many times I've paid him tribute? He's got a ton of YouTube vids where he opens up saying in his adorable British accent, "Hi guys! Just thought I'd do a bit of flexin' for ya!" And then he delivers 6 minutes of muscle display and muscle chat in the most innocent kind of way. Meanwhile all his fans are male admirers. He's an exhibitionist on Instagram too periodically posting pics like the last one and asking if he should shave. I say hell no!

  9. He has a YouTube channel: adam400m
    Posing and workout vids

  10. Charlton, not Carlton. And he's British!


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