25 April 2013

Pachyderm Trunks

I sometimes look at erotica Tumblr blogs when I'm rolling calls. Smut is great for multitasking. I have a list of ones I visit, and I find that I visit some more than others. One I check regularly is Pachyderm Trunks, where all the photos below originated.

Sometimes the men don't have their pachyderm trunks on display but they're still hot. On occasion, you see the outline of their pachyderm trunks through their clothes. Whilst still others have theirs out in grazing mode, pointing down at the savanah. And then there are the ones with their pachyderm trunks on full alert, reaching for the trees.

Hopefully, your own pachyderm trunk will enjoy these shots and visiting Pachyderm Trunks, too.


  1. Anonymous16:13

    Love the 5th pic! Very sexy!!!!


  2. Anonymous06:29

    Man these are all great but #1 really gets my cum boiling in my balls, big, strong, dark/mysterious, beautiful dusting of hair. mmmmm BigV

  3. I am always in awe of guys with oversized dicks. I think they show great restraint.

    My pecker looks like a pink button on a fur coat. If I had a "pachyderm trunk", I would be bare ass naked 24 hours a day.

    Leo G.

  4. you do know 'pachyderm' means 'thick skin', right? ;-)

  5. Anonymous16:37

    I agree with you Gary, somehow my comment did not go thru but I said...

    Pic #5 is my new man, what a manly man, Woof, Woof..


  6. the first is an authentic bull


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