02 April 2013


My boyfriend is a heavy sleeper. Often his cock will wake up before he does. Sometimes his erection rubbing against my side, whilst he's still asleep and murmuring, is enough to awaken me.

On occasion, when he's still sound asleep, he'll roll onto his back and his erection will poke up against the sheet. When that happens, I slide down the sheet ever-so-carefully and begin to tease his glans with the tip of my tongue whilst, as gently as I can, I begin to stroke him lightly.

More often than not when I do this, he'll murmur in his sleep and his body will involuntarily thrust slightly. As the pace continues and intensifies, he'll finally awaken. It takes him a moment to realize what's going on, and when he sees it's me, he breaks into a sweet smile and reaches for my now rock-hard cock.

This lad is not my boyfriend, but he has the same sleepy bashful face as my lover does when he awakens in the morning. It's not quite awake yet, but his cock is more than ready to play.


  1. Anonymous15:56

    This lad looks Ryan Gosling'ish to me.

    If ur bf looks like him, ur so lucky! ;-P

  2. Anonymous05:39

    I'm sure your boyfriend says he'll give you 2 hours to stop. Others might call it "date rape."


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