30 April 2011

Sexy Beast

Starring the fantastic Dio aka DO and Derreck Hensen. No wonder you can never find a fitting room when you need one.

29 April 2011

Someone to Watch Over Me

This set speaks strongly to me because I have always been attracted to larger blokes who dwarf me. My boyfriend is a big beast who favors small men like me, so we were a perfect fit from the start. I was not physically bullied as a child but I did have a largely absent father, so perhaps I have some kind of a psychological need for a big gentle brute.

A big man needs to be careful when he's with a smaller lad, so perhaps therein lies some of the attraction -- that he's very strong yet tender shows he cares for me. He can completely dominate me when I want that, but he's confident enough to let the tables turn, too, and be submissive.

This set would have been hotter had the big bloke let the little one top him, but I guess the pornmeisters didn't want that. Jeremy, the strapping one, has bottomed on occasion, so he's certainly not afraid of cock. And his hole, as seen in some of the pictures, is just begging to be filled with something thick and hard.

28 April 2011

The Show Off

I found these on an image hosting site, so who knows who he is. I usually don't favor the twinky type, but this lad was just too cute to pass by. I want to corrupt him, but in a very nice way.

27 April 2011

Chad Triple Feature

Chad Douglas was one of the best tops ever working in porn. He only made about a dozen titles in the later 1980s, but he is still a legend today. Watching these clips, you'll clearly see why.

26 April 2011

Locker Room Orgy

Probably a sizeable majority of gay men have had locker room shower fantasies at one time or another. After all, it's a great place to sightsee -- where else do you see bareass studs in daily life except for the gym, where the men usually are fitter than average?

I will admit my overactive imagination is a curse in a locker room. I have to force my mind to picture something unpleasant -- a horrendous plane crash, my house having an unexpected termite infestation, a lengthy tax audit by a woman who looks like Mimi Bobeck's uglier sister with a mustache.

Otherwise, if I think about a spontaneous orgy whilst in a locker room shower, I'm afraid I'd soon end up with an outrageous woody.

25 April 2011


Like "succulent," the word "glistening" somehow seems fraught with sexual innuendo. I think this lad isn't actually sweaty -- that's probably spray-on glycerin or something similar for photographic effect. Nonetheless, he's quite easy on the eyes.

24 April 2011

Big Chris

I think he was one of the most spectacular looking men who ever appeared in porn. Alas, his career was short, lasting only a few years with less than a dozen titles. That sweet, kind face and powerful body built for sin are my favorite combination.

He's now a legit model and fitness trainer. I've seen recent pictures of him and he still looks fantastic -- a little older and with a few age lines but still exceptional. Somewhere there is a very lucky man who shares his love and bed.

Here are two posts -- one here and another here -- where I featured Chris before in different sets.

23 April 2011

From Reality Star to Porn Star

It was inevitable that a TV reality star would end up doing porn. And now there's a gay porn star turned reality TV star on MTV, and the studio is quietly trying to erase his porn history from the internet. Good luck with that. Once the genie is out of the toothpaste tube, she's very hard to coax back in.

22 April 2011

The Chauffeur

Big Kurt would like to take you for a ride. Would you like to go with him?

I've seen a video clip featuring him in this chauffeur costume whilst topping his musician employer. The latter is anxious about some performance, so Kurt steadies his nerves by stuffing his fat uncut cock in his mouth and bum.

I like when roles are reversed like this. Rather than the servant being at the mercy of his employer, he lords over the ostensibly more powerful man. I think it's a lot more exciting that way.

21 April 2011

Hot or Not?

This big lad was posted the other day on Wicked Gay Blog with the question "hot or not -- you decide." The WGB blogger regularly runs his "hot or not" column featuring an incredible stud with the cheeky question asking whether or not he is hot. If you're not familiar with the site, you should definitely check it out.

20 April 2011

He Loves to Masturbate

This poor lad is so horny, but he only has his hand and pillow for relief. The single bed and cramped room suggest this might be a dorm room. Even if he thinks he's straight, given his testosterone overload, after two beers, he'd be ready to try batting for Team Gay for an hour as long as he was guaranteed to blow his load.

19 April 2011

Safe Sex Vampire

I'm guessing this is a clever fake. If it's real, I want to know in what movie a naked David Boreanaz appears whilst holding a filled condom. I think I need to see that cinematic masterpiece straight away.

18 April 2011

Red Bull

Unfortunately I know nothing about this fantastic bullstud. If anyone does, please shout out in the comments. These are large, crisp images, so be sure to click to see and save.

17 April 2011

Chance Encounter

These are shots from a circa 1980 magazine called Chance Encounter. I wish more porn was made like this with the lush Bob Guccione-style photography and settings that lend themselves to print. Most of the smut images you see are just stills from porn movies, which have a different sensibility. I imagine I'm in the minority as far as this taste goes, because very little of this style seems to have been produced.

The photos are accompanied by a story about how the one bloke just broke up with his boyfriend but then encountered an old love. Soon they're inside sucking and fucking. I'm reminded some of my early twenties when older guys used to pick me up. In the beginning I was woefully naive and unschooled. Once I became more experienced and also realized naivite was like catnip to older men, I played dumb like a fox. In my case, I found naive closed the deal much better than cocky.

If you'd like to download a free folder featuring scans of the entire magazine, be sure to click here.

16 April 2011

Leo or Chris?

Which one would you rather have, Leo or Chris? I would definitely volunteer to top Chris. I want to hear the words "please be gentle; it's my first time" coming out of his mouth.

Leo looks like he needs some bottoming lessons but at least he should be applauded for trying. My boyfriend and I would be happy to help him out, too.

If you'd like to watch this clip in a larger-screen version, be sure to click here.

15 April 2011

Blue Balls

Given my weakness for snug shorty-shorts and dewy beads of precum, this photo captured my immediate attention. I remember being hugely embarrassed by my precum when I was a teenager because I've always been quite the leaker. With time, however, I learned that a drippy faucet was a distinct advantage.

14 April 2011

The Package Inspector

Here's just a tiny selection from the fantastic Tumblr blog Package Inspector that I inspect regularly. He features both amateur self-shots and hot professional porn images.

Is the word "package" still a part of contemporary slang? Is it international or just used in the English-speaking world?

The word is fraught with sexual meaning if you're familiar with it. An instant visual image forms in my mind when you say "package" -- I see a hot muscular bloke in snug jeans that can barely contain his thick bulge.

Or I think about my hot and very friendly straight Hispanic UPS man and the thick mound in the crotch of his snug brown shorts. I'm always happy to see him with a package for me, but I wish I could inspect it more closely before he gets back in the truck.