17 April 2011

Chance Encounter

These are shots from a circa 1980 magazine called Chance Encounter. I wish more porn was made like this with the lush Bob Guccione-style photography and settings that lend themselves to print. Most of the smut images you see are just stills from porn movies, which have a different sensibility. I imagine I'm in the minority as far as this taste goes, because very little of this style seems to have been produced.

The photos are accompanied by a story about how the one bloke just broke up with his boyfriend but then encountered an old love. Soon they're inside sucking and fucking. I'm reminded some of my early twenties when older guys used to pick me up. In the beginning I was woefully naive and unschooled. Once I became more experienced and also realized naivite was like catnip to older men, I played dumb like a fox. In my case, I found naive closed the deal much better than cocky.

If you'd like to download a free folder featuring scans of the entire magazine, be sure to click here.

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  1. Anonymous20:27

    I agree with your 1000%. Also, I wish the guys LOOKED like this instead of the juiced up, hairless meatheads we have now!


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