28 April 2011

The Show Off

I found these on an image hosting site, so who knows who he is. I usually don't favor the twinky type, but this lad was just too cute to pass by. I want to corrupt him, but in a very nice way.


  1. I usually define a twink as a young under developed man - no muscle definition to speak of. This stud most definatly does not fit that bill.
    He's a pure joy to behold! I too would like to "corrupt" him - right up the ass.

  2. What a cutie.

    I know the feeling Will. I like hard, hairy, well muscled men. Every once in a while though, you see a sweet little thing that just strikes you and you want to rock his little world. ;)

  3. I agree with you about this guy. I wouldn't ever call anybody with a body like this a twink. Twinks are skinny, with undeveloped pecs, and toothpick limbs. Thanks for sharing his pictures.

  4. Anonymous17:11

    i like the last pic of his beautiful abs and chest.

  5. Anonymous18:50

    Works for me.

  6. Anonymous09:35

    what site is this from??

  7. Not actually a twink, but veeeeerrry cute in a dorky kind of way. He's come into his own with the bod and as he matures, he'll definitely be beating them off with a stick (a la TJ Hoban). Hell, he's certainly got appeal so he's probably already getting loads of attention!

    1. Anonymous20:33

      He is Luan Castelli from Brazil.

      Here you can check him jerking off to a girl in his webcam.

      He is kinda annoying but pervert as fuck, so sad it's hard to translate sex language from one language to another hah

      You can check it here: http://nacabecadorapha.blogspot.com.br/2012/08/luan-castelli-garoto-hetero-na-webcam.html


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