09 April 2011

Seducing the Poolboy

I had no idea it was this easy to seduce your hot poolboy. All you need do is walk outside stark naked so he can see you stroking your hard cock, and he'll instantly agree to sex.


  1. Anonymous13:42

    The pool guy as a nice average size dick. Great size for sucking without choking to death!!

  2. The pool boy is KURT STEFANO....
    I have so gorgeous pics of him, in the desert.
    This video is quite «old» becaus I've seen it many years ago...BUT always arousing.
    Pool boys and firefighters are gay's fantasies.

  3. Anonymous00:39

    Boy Oh Boy!! This scene is a treat from the past! I was in college when this film most likely came out. The stark naked guy is Sam Crockett and he was hot back then. I would definitely enjoy being in either of their positions sucking delicious, tasty cock!! Mmmmm, sexy guys!!

  4. Angus04:34

    Is there an agency where you can hire one of these pool boys? I don't have a pool, but I'm sure I could find some other "jobs" for him to do...

  5. Anonymous06:36

    And he looks so uhm moved getting jizz all over his shoulder. Uh-huh

    - John

  6. I agree with John, the "pool boy" didn't seem all that into it through out and particularly when he was getting cum on his shoulder. Sam Crockett on the other hand was sensual and hot!

  7. Anonymous16:28

    ah yeah will, that's pretty much the way it happens. oh...not that quick of course. but always be nekid when he's around. offer him a beer, maybe a joint. invite him to take a swim. splash, splash. dunk. dunk. grab. grab. suck suck. yep. that's how it went down w/ my very first pool boy last summer. and yes...he's cuming back again this year. life is good.

  8. Um...that's not a pool boy. That's a pool MAN.

  9. I'd love to fuck that pool boy with or without...


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