13 April 2011

An Itch to Scratch

The setup is silly but the sex is legendary and the men are hot, particularly big brawny Bruno. Then again, maybe it's not a silly setup at all -- Bruno was just pointlessly moving around those two-by-fours without his shirt knowing it would lure some young buck up the hill with an itch to scratch. If you'd like to watch in a larger screen version, be sure to click here.


  1. Anonymous08:00

    I was really nice of that young man to help Bruno with his wood. He really helped lighten his load. Good carpenters, like Bruno, are especially handy with screwing and nailing.

    I'm done...


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  3. Anonymous07:30

    the package inspector pix got me really going. and this video finished the job. major thanx! i know i'm in the minority but i've always enjoyed the lead up to the sex almost as much if not more than the sex itself. i love the seduction. most videos are only about the sex. get down to it and get er done. but i always am on the lookout for great seduction scenes and there aren't many out there.


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