11 April 2011

The Puffy Shirt

If you're a Seinfeld fan, you'll know where I got the title for today's entry. In that episode, because Jerry wore a puffy shirt and everyone laughed at him, George's career as a hand model went down in flames, Elaine was fired from her job helping Goodwill, and Kramer's girlfriend was plunged into financial ruin.

I don't think anyone would laugh at Daniel here in his puffy shirt. He makes a pretty hot pirate. I like how the photographer didn't bother to close the drapes. Imagine walking down the street and seeing Daniel in all his hard magnificence in the window. You'd have a visceral, emotional reaction, but it certainly wouldn't be laughter.


  1. Anonymous06:20

    "YO-HO YO-HO A PIRATES LIFE FOR ME..." Oh yeah, bring it!

    - John

  2. Puffy shirt or not.. He is pretty.



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