07 April 2011

Southwark Bloke

This lad burst onto the porn scene recently and has done solo jackoff shoots for a number of sites. I've never seen him with a partner but hopefully that will change. He goes by various names but most often Patrick O'Brien or some variation thereof, like Paddy O'Brien. Given that's stereotypically Irish and extremely common, I doubt it's his real name.

His accent suggests he's from Southwark or thereabouts. His manner in the interview portion of the videos I've seen is cocky but endearing in a hustler sort of way, perhaps the kind of lad who would do pretty much anything for the right fee and pretend he enjoyed it, but you'd want to make sure your wallet was safely tucked away in the event you fell asleep afterwards.


  1. Anonymous06:05

    I want a piece of him and fuck his attitude. This guy has it Will.

    - John

  2. Anonymous11:50

    Great hairy arsehole!

  3. I fully agree with WILL. This guy is HOT.


  4. Anonymous15:26

    The head of his cock is absolutely succulent!

  5. Anonymous10:30

    Patrick, Pat, Paddy, whatever his name is, he is amaaazing!!!


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