28 February 2014

Jason? Is That You?

The Friday the 13th mask is obviously used to hide this anonymous stud's true identity. I'd love to know more about him, but the chances of that are next to zero.

Whoever this lad is, he's porn model hot. With his thick chest and powerful shoulders, he can terrorize me anytime he want.

27 February 2014

Fur and Leather

I'm sure it's just personal opinion, but I always find hairy lads to look hotter in leather, in comparison to smooth ones. Not all hairy lads look good in leather -- I'm proof of that. But the percentages are higher than for smooth ones.

Maybe it's working on some feral level -- the captured animal in his leather for possible restraint and control. Steve here is a hairy beast but he'd buck any attempt to restrain and control him.

Here is a free folder of all the images below, which are somewhat larger than they appear in this post.

26 February 2014

And One More

Thanks to the long-time reader of this blog who found a second video online of Ephraim aka Alexander, who was featured here recently. Before he ebgins to manhandle himself, he talks about how he only recently allowed his fur to grow and will get even fuzzier in forthcoming weeks and months. For that reason, he needs to throw away his razors and not backtrack on his progress.

If you'd rather watch on the source site, you'll want to click here.

25 February 2014

Bob the Exhibitionist

This lad, purportedly named Bob and bisexual, has posted a great number of his nude shots online in the last several years. His hairstyle, facial hair, muscle tone, and weight regularly change, but he has a "real bloke" hotness that never fades.

I wonder if he prefers to bottom or top? Or is he more into male-male-female scenes? I could definitely get into having him suck my cock while he was getting a blowjob himself. Or I'd fuck him in the ass while his girlfriend goes down on him. Or my boyfriend and I could spitroast him while his girlfriend takes pictures.

The first one is my favorite and proves my theorem that some lads look hottest when they're fully clothed. If this lad ever got super serious about hitting the gym, he could be scorching hot. These pictures vary in size and quality and have been archived here in a free folder if you'd like to save to your own hard drive.

24 February 2014

Mecum Precum

Not to go overboard for posts with Alex Mecum, but I wanted to feature these stills of Alex Mecum because they were brought to my attention in the comments for another post. These show him hard and, most notable, dripping precum. As you regular readers know, I have a thing for precum.

And that's a good segue to let you know that I'll be catching up on the comments in the next few days. I've been out of the country for the last few weeks in a country with some internet censorship, which for some reason rendered the comment approval screen unworkable. I could read them but not do anything more.

I have one more Mecum post that will come later this week, another video brought to my attention by a reader. If you want to see more from this still set, please click here for the source, where they're larger and more numerous.

23 February 2014

Back in the Kitchen

Landon bottoms here in what looks like the same kitchen as the still shots featured in a set on this blog a few weeks ago. So I guess that means there are some photos out there of Austin fucking him by the cooker. Whatever happened to fucking on a bed or a couch?

If you prefer watching on the source site, be sure to click here.

22 February 2014

Thick and Hard

As promised, here is Ephraim aka Alexander from yesterday. He has a nice thick cock with a beautiful cockhead. He's not at all timid about wanking on camera like many first-timers.

The way he works his cock through his fist with a little twist at the end suggests this is a technique he has used in the privacy of his bedroom many a time. Does he fantasize about pussy or cock when he does this -- what do you think?

To watch on the source site, be sure to click here.

21 February 2014

Rhymes With Me Cum

This is Ephraim Karl from Salt Lake City, who also goes by the name of Alexander Mecum, which presumably rhymes with "me cum." He's 26, stands six foot even, and weights 180 pounds. His eyes and nice fuzzy body attract my attention. At 35 or 40, if he keeps in shape and puts on more muscle, he'd be pure catnip.

I could not find any full nudes of him in still photos. I was able to find a nude jerkoff vid where he pumps his cock to a splashy finish. Watch this space this weekend for that one. Some of these photos below are huge; click here for a free folder to see in their original size and to download for saving.

20 February 2014

Selections From the Man Catalog

If I was ordering a man out of the man catalog, he would be tall, broad-shouldered, muscular, and with a thick, uncut cock. We shouldn't judge by looks alone, but there's nothing wrong with having preferences, either.

Here are some blokes I dog-eared in the man catalog who passed my muster. I think I'll order each one on a trial basis and my boyfriend and I will give him a whirl. Better yet, I'll order two at once to save on shipping.

As is almost always the case here at this blog, the images are larger than they appear below. Click here for a free folder with all eight photos in their original larger size plus four I did not have room to include.

19 February 2014

Tennis Bums

This was allegedly shot without permission and on the sly, but given this is porn, one should never believe the hyperbole. The two lads are hot, however, and that's why I featured them here.

If you'd rather watch on the Xvideos site, please click here.

18 February 2014

Heavy Meat

This is Chad, who's pretty damn close to perfect. His cock is large and thick, one of those ones that feel heavy in your hand even when soft.

I'd love to see him hard, but I guess the last shot is the closest we're going to come. In my mind, I'm seeing him stuffing that big heavy meat, now swollen in an erection, into a blond lad, bound and helpless.

Better yet, Chad and his identical twin brother Brad are both doing the bound, helpless lad. They're getting a bit carried away and things are becoming a little rough.

These photos are actually larger than they appear below, so click here to access a free folder to see and save the shots.

17 February 2014


I love these porn gifs. Hats off to the lads who take the time to create them. In some ways, they're hotter than porn videos because you can focus on a specific erotic moment.