31 October 2018


On Monday, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a pro-Republican, conservative think tank, published an economic analysis savaging Donald Trump's tariff policy (link here). Their report is titled "Trump’s tariffs are backfiring even on industries that were supposed to benefit from trade protectionism."

Only a handful of economists have argued that Trump's tariffs are a good idea, and the AEI's analysis shows in painful detail why. The economic damage they are causing will only worsen as time goes by.

It's really a mystery why Trump is so insistent on starting trade wars when it's potentially very damaging to him politically in his hopes for re-election. If he runs again in 2020, the economic drag caused by his tariffs will be felt by everyone.

If you wanted to sabotage the American economy and weaken the country internationally, then bruising tariffs coupled with a massive increase in the national debt would be the way to go. Curiously, Trump has pushed both of these and seen they became a reality.

While I don't really subscribe to the theory that Trump is some sort of Manchurian candidate bent on hurting the country to please his Russian masters, his insistence on destructive tariffs makes me wonder if I should reconsider.

Ski Slope Cocksuckers

Here's a full-length film with something you don't see every day -- lads sucking cock on public ski slopes. The studs and sex are scorching hot, however, and that all takes place indoors. The second (of three) scenes was the highlight for me with a big musclestud bottom in action. He's credited as Gunner in this film, apparently the only time he has appeared in porn.

To view this on the source webpage or to download your own free copy of this complete film to keep in your collection, click here.

30 October 2018

The Definitive List

Yesterday, the New York Times published an excellent and comprehensive article (link here) with the title "Trump’s Corruption: The Definitive List" and the deck "The many ways that the President, his family, and his aides are lining their own pockets."

The piece is an absolute goldmine of information about the ongoing kleptocracy in the White House right now.

The great thing about the piece is that you don't have to read it start to finish. It has lots of headers and subheads so you can just pick and choose what you want to read and then come back later for more.

Bookmark it and share it. People need to see this before next week's election.

Surfer Dude

The top here goes by Blake and has done four porn scenes since breaking into the business earlier this year. He looks like the sort of classic stoned and toned surfer dude you see all over Southern California. Blake stands 5'8 and weighs 150 pounds.

The originals for these photos are massive and are part of a collection featuring three different shoots of Blake fucking three different lads for a total of sixty images. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, click here.

29 October 2018


You probably heard about the mass shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday where eleven people were killed, including a physician, two brothers, a married couple in their eighties, and a 97-year-old woman. About half were in their seventies and older, including the wounded who survived.

Donald Trump was typically tone deaf in his response. After offering up some canned statements of sympathy, he then hypocritically stated, "it’s a terrible, terrible thing what’s going on with hate in our country and ... something has to be done."

Trump should follow his own advice and stop dishing out hate nearly every time he opens his mouth. The New York Times noted this in a piece (link here) with the title "Trump Calls for Unity After Synagogue Shooting, Then Swiftly Denounces Democrats."

The article notes: "In minutes, Trump moved from a call for unity to attacking and name-calling Democrats, including his former presidential rival, Hillary Clinton, and leading lawmakers like Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Maxine Waters."

Trump then went on the victim blame the people who were murdered. "If they had protection inside, the results would have been far better," he claimed. He then went on to make the absurd claim that the shooting had little to do with gun laws.

As the Washington Post noted (link here), Trump joined the long line of those who blame Jews for anti-Semitic violence against them.

Saturday's tragedy wasn't enough for Trump to cancel his rally the same evening. A little murder shouldn't get in the way of campaigning and ego gratification, apparently.

To justify his poor taste, Trump rolled out a whopper of a lie at the event and capped it off with a salute to an imaginary friend (details here). Slate doesn't pull any punches with this piece titled "Trump Lies About Sept. 11 to Justify Holding Campaign Rally After Synagogue Shooting."

At the rally and also in press comments beforehand, Trump falsely claimed that the New York Stock Exchange opened the day after the September 11 terrorist attack in 2001. In reality, the market was closed for nearly a week. He also gave a shout out to his imaginary "friend" Dick Russell who he claimed headed the stock exchange. No such individual was CEO of the New York Stock Exchange, but Dick Russell was a notorious senator and bigot.

Another day in Trump's America of hate.

Jack Comes Back

The lad receiving the blowjob here goes by Jack, at least in smut world. He also had one of the longest hiatuses in porn land.

He did a solo scene eight years ago and then nothing more. Now, after a very long absence, he's back to do his second-ever scene. Will we next see him in 2026, finally laying pipe?

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below, and include mostly the new material plus a few shots from eight years ago, one of which you can see below. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, click here.

Jack eight years ago...

28 October 2018


In the middle of the month, the Washington Post published a compelling piece (link here) written by a law professor about how a Democratic Congress and a Democratic President could remove a partisan conservative Supreme Court justice like the newly seated Brett Kavanaugh, who was nominated by Donald Trump, without having to go through the impeachment process.

One way would be to vote to demote a justice from Supreme Court to a lower federal court. The justice wouldn't be removed from the bench but only from the highest court. There is precedent to make this work.

The other approach would be for Congress to create a small panel of judges who would then evaluate whether or not a justice should remain on the bench. This small group could then remove a Supreme Court justice, who would have no lawful recourse to stop them. The Senate would not have confirm this with a two-thirds votes.

Long after Trump is out of office, his Supreme Court justices will remain on the bench. A President who lost the popular vote by millions will have selected justices confirmed by Senators representing significantly less than the majority of Americans.

There is every good reason, then, to remove those justices from the bench. They are not supported by a majority of Americans and dangerously want to erode our rights. They must be stopped by any lawful means.

Four in the Forest

This is a simple but very creatively shot scene with four fuckstruck lads who just really let go and have at each other. The simplicity of this scene shows you don't need costumes and props and an elaborate set up -- you just need horny, creative men.

If you want to watch on the source webpage or to download a free copy of this video to add to your collection, click here.

27 October 2018

White Van Man

Federal authorities in Florida arrested a man yesterday they suspect of being the bomber who sent explosive packages to more than a dozen prominent critics of Donald Trump.

Turns out -- surprise, surprise -- the suspect is a die-hard Trump supporter. He was arrested whilst driving a white van literally covered with more than a hundred elaborate pro-Trump stickers (details here and here). He had previously been photographed at Trump rallies wearing his red MAGA hat.

Of course, Trump refused to accept any responsibility for the fact that his vitriolic language, and that of his media supporters, was an obvious inspiration for the suspected bomber. Everyone the suspect targeted has also been targeted by Trump.

Instead, Trump continued to attack and blame the media and his critics (details here and here). Such a conclusion is absolutely nonsensical and illogical, but when did that ever stop him before.

The sooner Trump is curbed the better. Ideally that will be done by exiting him from the White House, but in the meantime, the midterms in ten days will be a good way to limit his damage significantly. Don't forget to vote.

Pink Hair?

Boomer Banks usually tops, but he's bottoming here for JJ Knight in this scorching hot scene. I can't say that I like Boomber's pink hair, however. I'm glad this was a short-term look for him.

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26 October 2018

Bombastic Words

You've likely heard or read about bombs sent to prominent Democrats and their supporters in the last few days. As of this writing, explosive objects have been sent to President Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, former CIA Director John Brennan, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, and Robert De Niro.

Fortunately, none of the packages exploded and thus no one was hurt.

It doesn't take a genius to spot that the intended recipients are all regularly demonized by Donald Trump in verbal attacks that are echoed by the right-wing media.

So does Trump accept any responsibility for the fact that he may have inspired a nutter to mail bombs to people? Nope. He attacked the media. As the Guardian noted (link here): "In a moment that called for humility, peace, and unification, Trump could not resist taking a swipe at his oldest foe of all."

The media is at fault because of their reporting "fake news," according to Trump. That "explanation" is both grossly incorrect and flat-out illogical. "Fake news," by the way, is anything that makes Trump look bad, no matter that it's entirely truthful.

If the "fake news" is hiding the truth about Hillary Clinton, as Trump has repeatedly alleged, then why does that inspire people to send her a bomb?

Of course, this makes no sense.

Nevertheless, Trump once again has waltzed into a controversy and made it all about himself. If you criticize Trump for his dishonest remarks about the bombs, then you're part of the problem, his twisted logic will hold.

Trump has a blizzard of rallies planned between now and election day. It will be interesting -- and telling -- to see if he dials down his rhetoric or if he continues the hate-and-lie-fest that has become his trademark.

Something tells me it will be the latter.

Bluto Bottoms

This lad goes by Max Hilton in porn where he's worked the last ten years only very infrequently, doing about a scene a year. Usually he does solos but, like here, occasionally he bottoms. He's 5'9 and weighs 210. If you were casting a live-action porn version of Popeye, Max would be the perfect Bluto.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total nearly two dozen images. To download the whole set in a free zipped folder, you need to click here.

25 October 2018


On Sunday, the New York Times broke the story (link here) that Donald Trump's administration is planning on strictly limiting gender based on which genitals someone is born with, effectively erasing transgender out of existence as well as legal protections for transgender persons. Their reporting was spurred by a 2017 Trump administration memo they obtained that discussed the planned policy in detail.

Not surprisingly, transgender Americans and their supporters reacted with fury. This from the President who promised to be the most pro-LGBT chief executive in history, which of course is a thumping big lie.

Once the story broke, the Trump administration then fraudulently tried to blame the Obama administration for the policy shift, notwithstanding the memo proposing the radical change originated in the Trump White House months after President Obama left office.

As the Times piece notes, the Obama administration's pro-LGBT stance on transgender issues outraged conservative Republicans, "especially evangelical Christians." Hence, the likely reason driving this whole radical policy change -- Trump once again is pandering to the only segment of the population that still strongly supports him.

Indeed, one has to wonder if the memo in question was leaked out of the White House on purpose to throw some red meat to evangelicals and to distract them from the latest scandals erupting out of the Trump White House.

Once these policies are put into place, it's a certainty that LGBT interest groups will file suit in federal court to block the proposal. Our only hope at this point is that litigation succeeds both at the trial and appeal level.

Naked Workout

Big Leo and his little buddy Petr work out, wrestle, jackoff, and shower in this long photo set. Petr is nicely put together but pales in comparison to the ripped god Leo. If it was me, I'd be completely hard throughout a naked workout and wrestling match.

The originals for these photos are all horizontal and are larger than they appear here. With a total of more than three hundred fifty images in a free zipped folder, the complete set can be downloaded by clicking here.

24 October 2018

Fearmongering and Lies

The Toronto Star ran an excellent piece yesterday (link here) with a title that says it all: "Donald Trump’s strategy as midterms approach: lies and fear-mongering."

Trump has been doing near daily rallies in states where candidates are running for Senate seats in next month's midterms. As the article notes: "Trump made a brief attempt to campaign on his record of accomplishments but, as the November congressional elections approach, he has traded that shiny new positivity for the well-worn tactic that helped him win the presidency in 2016: a blizzard of fear-mongering and lies, many of them about darker-skinned foreigners."

Trump has always been an easy liar, but the pace and intensity and absurdity of his lies has escalated sharply. If the stakes weren't so dire, it would be laughable what he says: Democrats want to use taxpayer money to give free cars to illegal immigrants. Middle-easterners are sneaking into the country disguised as Hispanics. Democrats want to destroy the Social Security safety net.

"The President is taking advantage of the inherent deference most Americans have for the office of the presidency, where people assume a President may sometimes exaggerate but won’t simply make things up" as Trump is doing now, says a Republican appointee from the George W. Bush era, quoted in the article.

Trump's onslaught of lies distracts from the fact that he's desperate and his political future is at stake: if Democrats take over one or both houses of Congress, Trump's lies and crimes will be thrust into the harsh light for all to see. The President is likely terrified of that happening.

A poor showing in the midterms will be a monumental defeat for Trump. We must all work to make certain that happens by voting on November 6th.

Hole Conqueror

A tiny twink is ravaged by a thick monstercock and takes it all, long and hard and relentlessly. By the end, he has a tranquil, almost dazed demeanor, finding bliss with a furious fucking.

To watch on the source webpage or to download a free copy of this scene to keep, click here.

23 October 2018

Pure Evil

Over the weekend, I finished reading House of Trump, House of Putin: The Untold Story of Donald Trump and the Russian Mafia, by Craig Unger. I had wanted to read this earlier when it was published two months ago, but then I read other Trump books ahead of it and it got away from me'.

It's a well written, well researched book, but to be honest, it didn't break too much new ground for me. Some of that may be because I've read dozens of Trump and Putin books in the last two years.

One thing that was new and startling, and earned no coverage in the press, is how Unger described Vladimir Putin became involved in Syria. This was certainly not because of humanitarian reasons.

Per Unger, Putin designed Russia's military strategy in Syria so that it would increase the flow of refugees fleeing so that, in turn, would cause unrest in Europe and elsewhere. That led to socially destructive policies like Brexit and spurred far-right nationalists to power elsewhere in Europe.

In short, the bigger the mess in Western Europe with refugees, the happier Putin would be.

What kind of truly horrible sociopath would use suffering people so cavalierly like this and deliberately make their plight worse? The drowned refugee children littering European beaches come to mind. This is where that policy ended.

And with his endless praise for Putin, Donald Trump openly embraces a monster who would heartlessly exploit people like this. Then again, that's no surprise -- Trump has spent a lifetime exploiting people for his own benefit, too.

Ginger Beef

This is Ryan -- at least, that was his name for this shoot -- and he's a hot one. Unfortunately, the writeup at the source webpage makes it pretty clear this will be his only adventure in porn. He's 5'9 and weighs in at 195 pounds of muscle.

The dichotomy of tattoos is amusing. He has a huge crucifix on his back, which the photos do not show very clearly, but also what looks like a prison tatt on his thigh reading "fuck it." Did he get that after he lost religion?

The originals for these photos are much larger than they appear below and total nearly sixty in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, click here.

22 October 2018

Blatant Corruption

For a number of years, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has planned to move from its downtown Washington DC headquarters on Pennsylvania avenue to a new location in the suburbs.

Such a move would be cost effective, because the building at the current location is in bad shape and not all FBI personnel can fit inside. As well, security on the busy avenue for the current building is a serious concern.

If the FBI moved, the old headquarters downtown would be torn down and the land sold to a private developer who, almost certainly, would build a hotel on the spot.

That would cause competitive problems for the new hotel right across the street. Can you guess who owns that new hotel? Yes, you guessed right -- none other than Donald Trump.

Emails released last week show that Trump was intimately involved in stopping relocation of the FBI headquarters (details here and here). The FBI will now remain in their present location but in a new headquarters building to be constructed on the site.

This prevents a competitor to his hotel across the street. It also presents the largest cost to the American taxpayer, because tearing down and replacing the existing headquarters is the most expensive option.

Remember when Trump promised to "drain the swamp"? Keeping the FBI headquarters downtown to block a possible hotel competitor is far more corrupt and "swampy" than anything done by recent Presidents.

Trump is absolutely shameless in his hypocrisy. That's why he must be curbed by flipping at least one house of congress in next month's election.

Trevor Returns

Big ripped Trevor was featured here on the blog in August and he's back today playing a hardhat lured into an afternoon three-way. Trevor has really built up his body over the last year or so into something quite impressive.

The originals for these photos are huge and total more than fifty in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, click here.