31 May 2013

Make Art, Not War

Here are some really great fine art photos of pornstar Dionisio Heiderscheid aka D.O. aka Dio. His naughty bits are covered so they're safe for work, but at the same time nothing is left to the imagination. I'm reminded of the old joke: "his pants were so tight you could tell his religion."

I found these great shots on Fairview Sue, a gay erotica and porn site run by a woman. She's sort of the Army Archerd of male erotica and includes lots of interesting candid shots and news on a regular basis. If you're not already familiar with it, you'll want to visit the site regularly.

30 May 2013

Ramon Is Happy to See You

This is Ramon Nomar, who is a major straight pornstar. I've been looking for solo shots of him and finally found some. These were made when he was somewhat younger. He's older now, more chiseled, and more muscular. He's arguably one of the best actors in porn because he can actually act.

The bloke is a total sex machine. There seems to be nothing he won't do as long as a woman is in the bed, no matter how many men. I've seen him do double penetrations where his cock is sliding against another lad's in a woman's ass.

Now how difficult would it be for Ramon to do that to a man? I have a feeling for the right amount of money, Ramon would let a guy blow him and would do a dude. Can't someone set this up?

29 May 2013

Man Pussy

Watching Antonio piston his long, thick cock in Joey's hole makes it almost seem like a pussy. Tight is good, but sometimes not-so-tight is better.

If you're not into creampies, you'll want to skip the end of this. If you don't know what a creampie is, it's not something sold in the supermarket.

28 May 2013

Dad on Deck

Sometimes I like to feature amateur shots in a group, but at other times a single image deserves a post of its own. This is one of the latter examples.

I don't know who he is, but I thank him for getting boned up and sharing that moment with us. I did a Google search of this image and it turned up nothing.

This lad is probably only a few years older than I am, so he's hardly my "dad." However, I think younger lads would definitely see him as a "daddy" sort and respond accordingly. I know when I was 25 I would've seen him as a "daddy."

27 May 2013

The Substitute Gym Teacher

One of my favorite days in high school was when we had a substitute gym teacher. This was for two reasons. First, having spent my first twelve years of life in the UK, American games like football and baseball were always alien to me. The substitute gym teachers would, for whatever reason, usually not require us to play ball games but instead always had something more fun to do.

Second, and more important, the substitute gym teachers were more often than not incredibly hot. They were usually young jocks who tended to make only one or two appearances and then were never seen again. I realize now they were probably graduate students from a nearby university who had teaching credentials.

I realize now, with most of them being in their mid to late twenties and probably single, a lot of them would've been horny young men like most of us were in our twenties. They probably thought about sex nearly constantly and jerked off on occasion. They woke up alone in their beds with hard-ons poking through their jockey shorts.

Had I realized all this back then, I might've had a difficult time on substitute gym teacher days trying to hide my erection in my phys ed uniform. The lad appearing in the photos below looks like he could've been a substitute gym teacher. He's all clean cut and wholesome when he's teaching us about how to jump rope for maximum aerobic results. But later, when he's alone, and thinking about how manly some of those lads in his classes appeared to be, well he'd have to take matters into his right hand.

26 May 2013

Expert Cocksucker

You can tell the bottom here has had many cocks in his mouth before this. He knows exactly what to do and has no problems whatsoever doing it. In a speed-throating competition, he'd definitely be a performer upon whom one might wager.

25 May 2013

Big Bryce Is Back

I've featured big Bryce here before, and I was happy to find another scene with him on Xvideos. He makes me warm and tingly all over.

24 May 2013

Help Me!

Help! I've been abducted and bound by the man who runs this blog. While he's in the other room, I'm taping out this message with my big toe, which I've been able to wiggle over to a laptop he left open on the floor.

He tricked me into his bedroom and then overpowered me with something in a handkerchief that he pressed on my face. When I awoke, I was bound and helpless. I see he has a riding crop and a bottle of lube on a table near me. I'm a straight virgin and I don't like the looks of this.

He told me he went into the other room to "get ready." I don't know what that means but I'm worried. But what really has me frightened is how I suddenly have an outrageous erection bound up like this.

Oh no, help me, he's coming back in the room now and I see he's naked and his cock is hard, too. He's grinning fiendshly and says it's time for my lesson. Uh oh, I just came in my jeans.

23 May 2013

Gingerbread Man

This lad has to be one of the hottest redheads I've ever seen. A model who goes by the names of Sean, Kevin, Matt, and more, he's 26, weighs 208 pounds, and stands a strapping six foot four. That thick thatch of copper pubes is nothing short of magnificent.

22 May 2013

Cumbucket Connor

I was watching a Connor video over the weekend and I realized what a slut he is. He's both an enthusiastic top and eager bottom and can also be quite kinky. Just the kind of lad I need tied up and ready for use in our bedroom.

If you want direct links to these video pages at the movie sites themselves, please click here and here.

21 May 2013


We caught you looking, blondie. But who could resist? Gazing at that tempting ass would turn a straight man gay.

20 May 2013

Adam Hirsute

I think this is the hairiest I've ever seen Adam. I guess he trims his fuzz when he's not outright shaving it. I like him with this thick pelt. He makes me want to growl and howl and get all primal.

He also appears like he's taking a break from training whenever these were shot because he looks more everyman and less ripped. I just wished whoever shot this had allowed him to shoot a thick load of spunk on his fur. That would look really hot.

19 May 2013

Beer Porn

Be forewarned this video has a bit of watersports. The beer part was a nice erotic warm-up. I knew as soon as I saw that bottle where it would end up.

Does beer actually work as an aphrodisiac? It just makes me sleepy. I'd want to try doing this with beer. I'd make it warm Guinness because otherwise it'd be cold on my junk.

18 May 2013

Training Day

Fresh out of the police academy, a new cop learns about the tightly guarded secrets of law enforcement. But there are no scandals or police misconduct here -- just alpha males getting some much-needed end of watch release.

17 May 2013

Tom at the End

These pictures were taken at the end of pornstar Tom Katt's career after he had slimmed down somewhat. Previously he was more muscularly bulky. Here he's more normally muscular. I think he looks hotter here, too, because he's older.

Katt retired from porn in 2006 when he found religion and decided he was straight. He eventually became some kind of minister. I hope he sill enjoys sex and has a rockin' good time, no matter who he's banging. Life without regular sexual release would be miserable.

16 May 2013

The Stepney Cowboy

A hot set I haven't seen before featuring our favorite stud Patrick. Based on his accent, he's probably from around the Stepney area in London's East End, where there are no cowboys to be found.

He can be forgiven for impersonating a cowboy, however, because he's just so gosh dern hot. I wonder how many days are left until we see him getting poked as a bottom? Then he'd be a real cowpoke.

15 May 2013

Passion and Sperm

Flip fucking is always the best way to go -- thank him for a good fuck by giving his ass a nice pounding, too. The one lad is too noisy here but other than that the scene is very hot. Just turn down the video volume and put on some of your own music.

14 May 2013

Ryan Lost His Shorts

You can't go wrong with this look -- a hot uncut lad wearing only a snug worn T-shirt. I just wish all the studs at the gym dressed like this.