24 April 2011

Big Chris

I think he was one of the most spectacular looking men who ever appeared in porn. Alas, his career was short, lasting only a few years with less than a dozen titles. That sweet, kind face and powerful body built for sin are my favorite combination.

He's now a legit model and fitness trainer. I've seen recent pictures of him and he still looks fantastic -- a little older and with a few age lines but still exceptional. Somewhere there is a very lucky man who shares his love and bed.

Here are two posts -- one here and another here -- where I featured Chris before in different sets.


  1. I love his body. Look at those low hanging balls and that wonderful HOT cock of his. Now I see why you love him so much.


  2. You should do pictures of him then and now.


  3. Anonymous06:26

    i love this blog - our host has great taste

    but best of all are the comments - always fun to read 'manhandler' has shared much of his life and inner world with us

    in a world in which hetero is the norm it is still such a buzz to find other guys think the exact same thoughts i do - one of the reason i like tom of finland - art is sort of a window into an inner world where we rediscover parts of ourselves

    anyway thanks for the entertainment and commentary Manhandler

  4. Anonymous07:12

    He was hot then and he is still hot now...


  5. Always like looking at pictures of Chris. Thanks.

  6. His real name is Silvio Kersten . If you do a Google image search there are some excellent pictures of him including an awesome cover of Musclemag magazine .

  7. Anonymous10:51

    I would love to have his body--either in place of mine or on top of mine. Either way, I would be a very happy camper.


  8. Anonymous13:07

    Yes, he is hot, with A+ in all three of the categories of hotness: face, body, cock. But, in the one porn scene I've seen him in (Colt's Buckleroos) I'd give him a C- in the sexual column. He's not exactly steamy. He just stands there and doesn't react at all to what is being done to him by the other muscle studs in the scene. It is quite disappointing.

  9. Anonymous17:13


  10. Anonymous14:19

    Couldn't agree more.From the moment I first saw him - an unbelievable attraction.
    It IS a shame he did not do more film.


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