01 April 2011

A as in Aaron

This is Aaron, who came from a nice new blog Man Solo HD. The blogger posts enticing photo sets and some videos. I had a difficult time choosing between posting Aaron and some great shots he had of thickly hung Ted Colunga.

Aaron looks slightly familiar, like I may have seen a few other solo shoots of him. I'd like to see him in some porn videos, too.


  1. Hmm. He definatley gives off a very masculine vibe. I would love to rub myself all over him.

    Nice find Will.

  2. Oh dear gawd those eyes, that body hair, and photo #6... I'll take two of these, to go, please.

  3. Anonymous12:55

    Hmmm... Looks a little simian to me in Photo #3.

  4. Anonymous12:56

    Sorry...make that Photo #4.


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