21 October 2010

Prince Albert

I have never slept with a man who had a Prince Albert. I've seen them on rare occasion in the gym locker room, but that's as close as I've been.

I find them scary fascinating. I could imagine all sorts of things that might go wrong with them (as a child, I saw a horrible accident with a woman's pierced ear).

At the same time, I want to play with a fat cock that has one. My boyfriend has zero interest in getting pierced, however, so I'll have to leave this all to my imagination. As for me getting one, I don't think I have the courage. Maybe that's part of the attraction then -- tough guys are pierced.


  1. Anonymous06:19

    I have played with one before and was transfixed. I would never get one no matter how sexy they are to me. My imagination prevents the desire...


  2. j'adore sucer et me faire enculer par une belle bite avec un gros PA ... et je pense que je ne vais pas tarder à en avoir un moi-même !

  3. Love playing with them. Never thought of getting one myself. I htink they are fascinating.


  4. Anonymous08:09

    I Have a Prince Albert. As a matter of fact, I did the piercing myself.
    Men seem to be fascinated but intimidated by them.

  5. Mecobagne, si vous le faites, s'il vous plaît fournir des photographies!

  6. Anonymous09:44

    I have a prince albert too and it is far from that scary to have one as you discribe!
    In fact it is one of the less scary to get, when you compare it to a nipple piercing.. It is one of the things I would do right again if I would be reborn..

  7. Thanks for the info TobyB. I don't have any piercings or tattoos, so I have no comparative experience. I'm obviously a big baby when it comes to needles.

  8. Anonymous15:02

    I have a Prince Albert. Only problem was an unconscious trip to the hospital. They didn't know what to do with it, since i needed a catheter. Thankfully, my lover (who also had one) could stop them before they cut it off. it just needed one of the ends of the barbell removed. Other than that, I've always was glad I got it. It is one of the easier piercings to get.

  9. Anonymous16:56

    I've got one. It was scary to think about getting it, but easy to pierce. I love it, but I do find some guys are afraid of it.

  10. They are great but when it cums to sucking, I tell them to remove them!
    I know too many friends with chipped tooth or teeth!

  11. Anonymous20:22

    I've got a PA stretched to a 2 gauge which is rather large. Started with a 14 gauge piercing needle and did the work myself. I also pierced both nipples and by comparison, the nipples were more painful. The PA is an easy piercing and heals quickly thanks to your sterile piss rinsing it several times a day. That said, you must keep things clean including the jewelry you sport. There is nothing scary about a PA and anyone with even a very slight tolerance for pain could do it without regret. Just be sure to get under the glans and to the right or left of the foreskin midline and at least a half inch below your piss slit. That way, you have plenty of skin to work with and the risk of migrating out is minimal


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