07 May 2017

The Stinker

The US House of Representatives passed Donald Trump's healthcare "reform" measure on Thursday, which would actually be a gigantic tax cut for millionaires and billionaires to be funded by denying health insurance to as many as 25 million Americans.

The legislation barely passed by four votes and the Senate has already said they won't even consider voting on that bill.

A number of media outlets covered the fact that this measure, which Trump supported and heavily promoted, plus his staff also helped draft, was nothing like the many healthcare promises he made during the campaign and after he was sworn into office.

For instance, The Washington Post ran an article (link here) with the headline "This is not the health-care bill that Trump promised."

Slate ran a story (link here) with the title "A Reminder That Trump’s Health Care Bill Cuts $880 Billion From Coverage He Said He’d Never Cut." Think Progress published a piece (link here) called "6 things in Trumpcare that Trump promised he would never do."

This coverage, once again, reminds us that what Trump delivers is nothing like what he promises. Let's not gild the syntax: he lies. He says anything to close the deal, no matter how false it might be. He is a huckster who promises a ten-carat diamond when he actually delivers a lump of coal.

That's why he can never be trusted on any promise he made to the LGBT community. He's been caught in far too many lies to ever be believed again.


  1. Anonymous04:21

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  2. The health care issue in USA is getting so ridiculous.
    Why aren't you able to provide to ALL Americans a national public health care as we have here in Canada, in Australia and other countries like France too????

    The funniest and in a most deplorable way, Trumpty Dumpty did point out the one of Australia when their prime minister met "HIM".
    One more reason to say that "HE" doesn't really know what "HE's" talking about. HILARIOUS here...

    Mot surprising to see it in a country that promote GUNS and WAR, killing your own fellow citizens by you own policemen etc... Again, we can see that LIFE of the poorest of your population is far from being a priority.

    SHAME on USA not to be able to provide sufficient health care for EVERYONE.

    Thank «my» God I live in a civilized country like Canada.

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