13 May 2017

The Speech

A reader passed this news item along to me for posting (link here) because he thought it was germaine and I heartily agree. It's from a LGBT publication for the Richmond, Virginia, area.

Later today, Donald Trump will give the commencement speech at Liberty University, founded by Jerry Falwell, a notorious anti-LGBT hater. The piece opens by stating "Trump promised to be a 'friend to the gays' on the campaign trail, but like many other issues he supported on the road, he’s worked hard to show otherwise once getting in office." Indeed.

The article's writer also notes that students at the university are required to sign the "Liberty way pledge" which mandates no alcohol, no premarital sex, no same-sex marriage, and no gambling. He then notes by comparison that "Trump has been married three times, was recorded saying he likes to 'grab women by the pussy' and owns a number of casinos and a winery in Virginia."

He never comes right out and asks why the hell religious people think it's perfectly okay to allow a pandering ungodly hypocrite to use them and why they play blindly into his hands. Apparently they've forgotten that the Christian scriptures warn repeatedly about false prophets like Trump.

The piece closes by noting that a number of protesters are expected outside the university. I hope at least some of them are from the LGBT community and will be carrying some signs asking why Trump, who claims to be pro-LGBT, is honoring a LGBT-hating institution by appearing there and accepting an honorary degree.


  1. Anonymous04:35

    Da rabia tanta hipocresía.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Nothing surprising here for that hypocrite clown living in the White House.

    You've said it well: this moron has the guts to go and have his speech in this «Liberty University» despite his «past sins»......

    BTW, such university couldn't be seen here in Canada because religion is OUT of our public institutions.

    We affectionate diversity and freedom of any Canadian to live his life as he wants to.
    No one can go against our choice of life here.

    When I see your motto: "USA,Land of Liberty." I can just be cautious about what the word LIBERTY means in your country?
    It seems that it depends on if you're Republican, Democrat, white, black, latino, straight, gay, Christian or Muslim, wealthy or poor etc....


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