24 June 2010

School for Spies

I saw this bloke, allegedly named Trent, featured online recently. He's exactly the sort of heartbreaker I would have favored in my college days, the friendly hot straight jock roommate who was utterly clueless that he was killing you.

I flew from New York to Los Angeles the other day and started to think about writing another erotic story while staring out the window. Before I knew it, I had the laptop open and was scribbling away. The resulting story, titled "School for Spies," is still a work in progress and ended up too long for an entry on the blog, so I put it on a separate page. You can find it here. I'm seriously thinking of turning this into an erotic novel.

I saw the lad below as "Trent" when I was writing the story. Steve was easy to cast. Jack will be featured in a future post in the next few days. If you're a clever operative, you'll find a backdoor in the story to a hot downloadable video that might nicely supplement your reading.


  1. "Trent" is the type of guy who intimidated me back in the day. What am I saying? I'm still intimidated. Words would fail me if I were to describe him: magnificent? Gorgeous? Breathtaking? Beautiful?

    E) All of the above.

  2. I am ready for the next installment Will! Great start please keep 'em cumming!


  3. What a great beginning to a story. I think it would make a great erotic novel. I always enjoy your writing, you always have some really hot stories.

  4. What a great beginning to a story! I think it would make a very fun read as an erotic novel. I always enjoy your erotic fiction, keep up the good work.

  5. As a long time reader of your blog it just occured to me that we could all do with more of you stories. Hint, Hint! A hot picture is great. Having an great story to go along with that picture makes it exponetially hotter.

  6. Anonymous18:45

    Exactly as you surmised, the hoistmeat stunned statistics off their chart, in grace of its fair radius. Awe rose up its bright urethra to disarm assumption's modesty, in reckonings of real estate of dick, the pleasely pad a pommel to abjure our timid lick, and leverage dogly grovel with an excavating stick. The kid lay bare and open to their disbelieving stare, until precocious symptoms of his genius drew their wear.

  7. Anonymous04:10

    You've got a gift for storytelling. I'm looking forward to the future installments.


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