13 June 2010


In mythical legend, the incubus was an impossibly handsome demon who laid with his victims at night and tempted them with sex. Whilst they most often bedded women, they would gladly sleep with men, too.

This was one of the many reasons medievals discouraged homosexual thought, for fear an incubus would pray on men who entertained lascivious fantasies of romping with the muscular village blacksmith. Like that would be a bad thing. I found this delightful incubus at Daventry Blue.


  1. I would SO invite this one into my bed. GRRRRR!

  2. Anonymous10:37

    I couldn't decide if this was a painting or an actual photograph. His features are so perfect.


  3. Anonymous16:47

    his name is JOE ZASO

  4. O.M.G! I swear the man of my dreams really does exist!

  5. Anonymous15:31

    I love this entry, Manhandler! Joe Zaso is so hot! A true "God Amongst Men"! I went ahead and used the paragraph on the INCUBUS, combined with my own knowledge, and thus: Created a Demon Information for my "BOOK of SHADOWS" Replica. But therefore giving you the credit for this inspiration. When I have my blogspot up and running, I will relay you the pages + the Spell! Send us some pictures of you! You're one hot stud! (HOWL!)


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