12 October 2009

1980s Flashback

This picture appeared in the June 1980 issue of Mandate. I saw it a few years later when I was about thirteen or fourteen.

Some mates and I were inside one of those large roll-away dumpsters the size of a railroad car where everyone in the community took newspapers to be recycled. We lads would carefully sort through the exposed contents, ostensibly to keep it sorted and neat, but really because you could find all sorts of naughty magazines, from tame Playboy to the hardest of the hardcore.

The other lads liked to look at hardcore for the women, but I secretly looked at the men. The sight of muscular blokes with enormous cocks thrust into various orifices filled me with all sorts of excited confusion.

One day, someone found a stash of gay porn in the dumpster. Most of them reacted with giggled horror, screeching "oh my God, fags!" I feigned shock but memorized where they tossed the dreaded stuff. Later that day, I returned alone to the dumpster and searching feverishly, as darkness approached, I found some of the treasures.

This picture lodged forever in my memory, because indeed the June 1980 issue was part of the haul. After seeing this, I dreamed of going to California, where you could find pools full of naked men like this. A few years later, I headed off to the Golden State for college, where indeed I saw there were gods everywhere.

Be sure to click on the photo to see it full-sized.


  1. Wow talk about flashback. Thanks for the memory.

  2. Anonymous05:23

    I was in high school then our pool parties never looked like that!!! BOO HOO

  3. A wonderful memoir - thanks for sharing. And when I was a kid in rainy gray England, I too dreamed of the Golden State. It took awhile, but I do indeed live here in California, with my man (we've been together 21+ years) So keep dreaming guys, they do come true!

  4. Thanks much for sharing your memory. I too remember seeing this photo in the original Mandate mag. I purchased it, like I did so many others, at a local bookstore - after hiding it under a Popular Science or some other "see I'm not a homo" type of magazine As I stood in line to pay, I would try to act as if I didn't really care if I bought any magazines or not. But all the while I was getting a boner just thinking about rushing home to jack off. I'm sure the saleslady knew what I was up to, but she never batted an eyelash as she rang up my order. I had forgot about that until I read your own memory about this picture, and then it all came back to me. Thanks again.


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