03 October 2009

Bruno Busts a Nut

This is Bruno, who does legit modeling but, as this video reveals, he also jerks for pay on cam somewhere. He's sporting a wedding ring; is he married? He's very hot.

I uploaded this video to Xvideos.com and am linking it here. I've found that Blogger times out when you try to upload longer movies.


  1. Wow. Really hot. I wish there was a way to download these vids.

  2. CowboyDenver, there is. If you load the free RealPlayer software on your computer, you can then download most any video. If you already have the software on your system, right click on the video as it plays and you'll see an option to download the video to your computer. Email me if you need some help, and I'll try to help. WillLeveque@gmail.com

  3. He is soooooooooo hot. Thanks for posting.

  4. Anonymous22:03

    his eyebrows are like michael jackson's... i do not find him hot all...

  5. Anonymous06:15

    This guy has it all! Pefect face, beautiful cock, hot tatoos, amazing build and a gorgeous, tight little ass that i would def love to have a crack at :P


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