06 July 2020

Dog Whistling

Americans face two great crises now — the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic implosion. The first is once again rapidly worsening and the latter is still in its beginning stages with the worst yet to come.

For Donald Trump, based on what he's been saying lately, those twin crises barely exist. Instead, the great menaces facing America are people demanding justice reform and an end to systematic racism. Although a majority of Americans favor Black Lives Matter and the associated reforms, Trump has called the movement a hate group and the effort to remove racist statues as "totalitarianism."

His statements are not meant for all Americans. Indeed, he demonizes a majority of Americans with his remarks. Instead, he's blowing dog whistles and speaking in code only to white Americans, specifically only racist white Americans (details here and here). His "very fine people," a term he has applied to white supremacists in the past.

It's almost as if Trump is hoping he can win reelection by inspiring every last racist in America to turn out and vote for him. They're only a minority of Americans. How small a minority is anyone's guess.

We can make sure that doesn't happen by turning out in larger numbers to vote him out, either in person or by mail. Most states now allow vote by mail in some form or another. To check your state's mail voting status, click here.

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