08 July 2020

That Book

Donald Trump has been fighting in court to try and stop publication of a new tell-all book by his niece. So far he has failed and copies of the book have leaked to numerous media outlets, likely rendering the President's chances in stopping it now slim at best.

Needless to say, she may be related, but his niece rips into him savagely in a way seen in no other Trump tell-all book. Considering she witnessed many of the ugly incidents about which she writes and considering she has a doctorate and is a clinical psychologist, she offers a perspective that no other writer can.

The Washington Post and The Daily Beast both have good pieces (links here and here) summarizing some highlights from the book. Not to be outdone, The New York Times yesterday published three articles on the book's revelations (links here, here, and here).

From the Times piece, the book "depicts a multigenerational saga of greed, betrayal, and internecine tension and seeks to explain how [Donald] Trump’s position in one of New York’s wealthiest and most infamous real-estate empires helped him acquire what [his niece] has referred to as ‘twisted behaviors’ — attributes like seeing other people in 'monetary terms' and practicing 'cheating as a way of life.'"

There's more on the links above, including some startling revelations. Click through to read.

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