28 February 2010

Litmus Test

Many people use what I call a "litmus test" to describe features in someone that either attracts them or turns them off as a first impression. Yes, that sounds superficial, but we all do it. This lad has quite a few "yes" bits about him that fit the bill for my personal litmus test: a sweet and kind face, a nice build, an uncut cock, a fantastic ass.


  1. Anonymous10:53

    He's a Greek statue come to life.

  2. Mark of Brooklyn20:11

    The hair ruins everything - doesn't pass my litmus test at all. In the eye of the beholder . . . .

  3. RedCedar23:18

    I think he'd look better with shorter hair, but I certainly wouldn't turn him out of my bed! :)

  4. I agree the hair is not good; however, a pair of scissors in talented hands could remedy that very quickly.

  5. Ryan18:58

    I think this is pornstud David Bathory.

  6. Anonymous10:25

    I just love the hood.


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